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Looking to the future projected capacitive touch screen lead new markets

by:Toponetech     2020-06-27
Advantages of both analog and digital technology, provide the leading supplier of mixed signal semiconductor solutions for IDT corporation ( 集成设备技术公司) Launched a global for the real single size up to 5 inch screen multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen technology. Applied to new technology simplifies the IDT PureTouch series touch screen sensor manufacturing, and to eliminate the capacitive multi-layer solution in the common multi-touch ghosting phenomenon. IDT single-layer multi-touch sensor design is really a single design, do not need for sensor intersection isolation and sensor matrix line bridge meet additional mask steps. Due to the elimination of the other multi-touch technology needed extra indium tin oxide ( ITO) Layer, IDT new solutions to improve the light transmittance, simplifies the touchscreen sensor manufacturing, at the same time reduces the total cost of the touch screen manufacturers. These advantages will not affect detection performance or ability to finger gestures. In recent years, although the projected capacitive touch screen has been widely used on the iPhone and the tablet, the consumer to use fingers and equipment for intuitive operation of interactive mode is widely recognized. But in the industrial applications of rare as smartphones and tablet terminals, industrial equipment are now using the intuitive interaction pattern. But as a result of industrial application class compared with consumer applications, the need to have some special requirements, such as the need of higher reliability and wider temperature range, so the touch screen LCD applications in industrial fields is not too much. Class in particular, industrial applications and consumer applications have the following differences: screen is mostly used in industry in more harsh environments, such as outdoor use, consumer screen is basically used in indoor; Industrial screens are the requirements for the service life of 10 years or so, consumer screens need only three or four years of life is enough; Third, industrial screen work time usually is working 24 hours, consumer displays general will only work for 12 hours; Fourth, the brightness of the display used in industry to 600 ~ 1500 CD/cm2, the appearance of the consumer displays only about 300 CD/cm2; Fifth, industrial screen backlight typically require 100000 hours, consumer display backlighting time only need 3 ~ 50000 hours is enough; Sixth, in terms of temperature range, and the temperature environment of the display can be used in industry from 30 degrees below zero to 80 degrees centigrade, and consumer displays the temperature of the environment are generally 0 degrees to 50 degrees. In addition, in terms of market size, industrial screen consumer market size is less than 1% of the screen size of the market, the consumer displays the size of the market is $100 billion, and industrial market scale will be 1. 2 billion dollars. But as in the handheld devices, monitor, display and other interactive applications such as low mass market in the industry's growing demand for touch screen technology, especially in the field of medical and industrial, etc, with a touch-screen technology industrial LCD module market is gradually warming. And projected capacitive touch screen technology in the continuous improvement of the science and technology personnel and development, in order to better adapt to the market demand under the premise of introduced industry oriented with projective capacitive touch screen LCD module. This module has high visibility and high durability. In addition, the detection and control of its unique processing technology, through the thickness of 2. 8 mm protective glass, can wear gloves operation, adhesion and touch screen can also detect water condition. Projected capacitive touch screen LCD module LCD is among, there is a protective layer, the following is a control circuit. We will be the integration of these three parts, reduce the failure rate and interference. Among other general product is separated, the parts may interfere with each other. Projected capacitive touch screen is the main development trend of a kind of emphasis on high technology, applied in outdoor and medical equipment products; Another kind is emphasized cost-effective, the use of product in the standardization of ATM and POS machines. He is very bullish on projected capacitive touch screen in the field of industrial application, because this kind of product has a very wide range of applications, can be applied in industrial automation, gas station terminal device, the plane display, car GPS, medical equipment, the bank's POS and ATM machine, industrial measuring instrument and high iron, etc. On capacitive touch screen and mitsubishi are trying to make project costs down, make it has higher cost performance; And the intuitive interaction pattern because of the touch screen can shorten the training of staff time and lower cost of software to open. Therefore, the future prospects in the field of industrial or projected capacitive touch screen is very optimistic.
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