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look how far we\'ve come! graphic shows how phone screens have evolved and reveals the iphone 6s plus display is 514 times better than the nokia 5110\'s

by:Toponetech     2020-04-21
If you are one of the 0. 16 billion people who own the Nokia 5110, you may cherish it for its changeable cover and will not see it on its small and basic screen.
But now there is an interactive infographic that highlights how far the resolution of the phone\'s screen is in less than 20 years.
In fact, Apple\'s iPhone 6s Plus is 514 times clearer than the popular Nokia phone in terms of screen resolution.
Click and scroll through the modules below to explore the evolution of resolution.
Mobile users need access to GoCompare.
Interactive Information Chart (above)
See how far the phone screen resolution is in less than 20 years.
It includes popular phones, including the first-generation iPhone\'s ultra-thin flip-over phone, and Moto radzthe infographic commissioned price comparison website GoCompare chart technology advances from the latest Apple Retina display of the classic Nokia 5110.
Many consumers may recall that the Nokia 5110, the first stylish smartphone, started the trend of variable covers in late 1990 and early 2000.
But it has a pretty basic monochrome screen with only 84x48 pixels or 65 pixels per inch (PPI)
Show the contact and the person who called.
The resolution is good enough to display 90 characters in text messages, or to play snake games.
This is one of the first phones to have a logo game now.
In 2004, Motorola acquired its Razr V3 phone, which is popular because of its slim shape and extra small screens on the top of the flip phone, showing who is calling before the user answers.
The phone is the best-selling \"flip-over\" phone in history, transferring 0. 13 billion phones in just one year.
And the ground of it-
The home screen of this phone is 176x220 pixels or 129 PPI-
Nokia\'s nine-fold resolution has taken a big step forward. Fast-
Two years later, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 changed the game again.
In addition to the Qwerty keyboard, the BlackBerry has a screen of 420x260 pixels or 161 PPI
The resolution is 15 times that of the Nokia 5110.
Jobs released the first iPhone in January 9, 2007.
It has a \"home\" button and multiple
Touch display with a resolution of 320x480 pixels or 163 PPI.
This is 38 times the Nokia screen resolution, which means that the new phone can actually be installed 38 times.
In the new era of mobile phones, companies are racing to develop larger and clearer screens and smaller bodies for their phones.
In 2011, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S2 with a 480x800 pixel or 218 PPI screen-the clearest so far.
In terms of resolution, the 95 Nokia 5110 can be installed on its shiny display. This is the best-
Android phones, and are seen as one of the first real competitors of the iPhone.
Just two years later, the launch of Motorola\'s Moto X 1st generation took another step forward, with a screen of 720x1280 pixels or 316 PPI, equivalent to the resolution of the 228 Nokia screen.
This is Motorola\'s first mobile phone developed after being acquired by Google.
Earlier this year, Apple released the latest iPhone 6S Plus.
This current product has a large Retina display of 1080x1920 pixels or 401 PPI, which is Nokia\'s amazing 514 screen in terms of resolution.
Samsung and LG are one of the leading companies in the development of curved and flexible displays, so the next big trend may be bending or rollingup phones.
For anyone who feels nostalgic about their old Nokia, the last page of the infographic has a surprise that users can play retro games if they click on world \"Nokia.
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