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LED touch all-in-one what are the advantages in industry application?

by:Toponetech     2020-03-27
LED touch all-in-one what are the advantages in industry application? LED tube LED for short. Touch screen is a touch can receive the first input signal of induction type liquid crystal display device, when contact with the graphic buttons on the screen, the screen of the tactile feedback system according to the program of pre-programmed drive all kinds of connecting device, can be used to replace the mechanical button panel, and liquid crystal display screen by creating vivid audio effect. LED as a new generation of LCD development industrial machine technology, energy-saving and benefits a lot, not only touch all-in-one currently on the market, teaching machine, touch, touch inquiry machine advertising machine and so on are using the LED technology. Next, reach seats ear we will introduce the advantages of several leds. 1, strong seismic internal LED touch screen machine structure is simple and stable, therefore, the seismic resistance of it better than LCD. 2, must control the color leds are three kinds of color with red, blue and green glowing independently, rather than LCD control color characteristics more easily. 3, color reduction effect better LED back light has good lust, than many CCFL is strong, can play the role of complementary color number. 5-4, safe and energy-saving use the low voltage power 24 v power supply circuit system design simple, several times than the average LCD safety and energy saving. 5, environmental protection, won't produce radiation, no toxic substances. LCD is one of the important material of mercury that is often said that mercury, harm to people's life. 6, motion graphics good old technology of LCD light frequency is low, a dynamic scene may produce surface. Leds can be a very good adjustment light frequency, keep good motion picture. 7, long service life LED more durable than LCD, industrial screen effect, its service life can reach 100000 hours, only the performance-to-price ratio is high. The above content is introduced here today, if you want to continue to learn more, welcome to the press center to see to understand, or consulting service to understand the product information.
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