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Led module, how to correctly use

by:Toponetech     2021-02-01
1. Led dedicated switch power supply can be used to moistureproof, and cannot be used for the waterproof, so we must do a good job in the external power supply waterproof measures. 2. of switch power supply voltage will adjust to a suitable voltage according to its features, and in the use of led display, don't turn adjusting voltage at will. 3. Led modules are with low voltage input mode, so we need to install the power supply in led module ten metres away. 4. Led knows there are negative, especially need to pay attention to the power supply when install the port connection must is negative, if is negative answer, module will not shine, and it also causes the led module received damage. 5. Led module USES a low voltage input, so we must have to after the power is directly connected to two hundred and twenty v voltage, otherwise it will cause the overall burning phenomenon. Why 584 on a led display brightness is not the same as the led display screen have off color how to deal with the next led display cabinet how to choose
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