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LED display wall use what mistake?

by:Toponetech     2021-03-23
The use of LED display wall, from the earliest in the middle of the deputy of the screen on both sides of a large area of the main screen and way, also gradually transition to the panoramic video wall and the omni-directional stereometric formula the comprehensive utilization of video wall, in the past only CCTV have a strength of LED stage, also gradually to appear in many provincial party. However, efficient, convenient technology does not really mean the comprehensive utilization of hi-tech means on the stage, does not mean higher levels of the real stage. 1, the real picture of misuse of video stage a huge conflict with content in the form of feeling LED screen manufacturing technology of escalating, many production team, and the characteristics of the organizers to screen 'hd' fondle admiringly, then easy to 'penny wise and pound foolish' in the process of creation myth. As far as possible in order to reflect the nature of high-definition screens, producers are often interested in live video broadcast to photograph on the wall of video as a background of real stage. In the song and dance show, for example, broadcast images of urban landscape, cultural life, to realize the program art deduce with realistic rendering of the screen, but counterproductive results. Stage shows the pursuit of a high sense of form, colour, light, formation, for long, and most of the live action of the video, the film is too colorful, as a main stage background, it will show on the stage in the form of a deduction bring huge damage, let the audience not to be able to 'see' and 'don't know what to see' mixed and disorderly feeling, originally used in the design of strengthening program effect, finally also brings huge impact to the viewers, also violated the basic principles of stage design service for the show. 2, LED screen, the abuse of lands destroyed the stage lighting effects of LED screen gradually reduce the production cost, make many creators blindly following the concept of 'panoramic video stage', extensive use of LED screen in the choreography, have even more, all dance beautiful mural with LED instead. But many creators ignores the LED screen is easy to bring huge stage light pollution reality, design the stage, the whole light synthesis, have to regret. The author found in the preparations for the big party for many times, a lot of the lack of precision measuring and planning LED screen used for the construction and operation of stage lighting system brought a great disturbance, it makes lighting engineers cannot accurately measuring the shows guests need light intensity, also make stage of integral colour desultorily.
the above error, are often seen in many large party in making, how to make the LED video dance beautiful can really play to its characteristics, to do better service content for the party, the author also tries to put forward the following Suggestions: ( 1) Early stage design, forming a 'visual' team to carry out creative work. The author worked with many large-scale performances of Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas team to communicate, the creation of these experienced team in the early part of the project started, will form a include stage design, video design, lighting design, program director and other professional production team. From the show at the beginning of creation, will let each job depth of professionals involved in the determination of each idea, is to ensure that the height of the technology of different levels of the enforceability. With the domestic most of the production team to show ideas and content, let around the type of work, compared to participate in the process of early stages to form a 'visual' team work more conducive to show the consistency of the final render time can make all sorts of artistic means high unification for a purpose, to ensure the program final visual and artistic effect. ( 2) Will video stage as part of the content, make video stage for program services, rather than a program for video services. Many programs when creative team to create programs, often used to add, I hope the show on the stage performance and background video dance beautiful bear more features, in order to achieve the effect of one plus one is greater than two, but the reality is often just the opposite.
all in all, video stage design in a large party belongs to a new topic in Taiwan, the application research on how to stand in the Angle of the party the overall effect of the use of video stage, is the key of the future development stage of innovation.
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