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LED display three detailed classification

by:Toponetech     2021-03-24
For some friends just contact LED display LED display category might be a little more than a little impurity. Below I will do a detailed article LEd display classification. Respectively in accordance with defined by using environment, display performance and gezer. One, LED display screen classification according to use environment indoor LED display indoor LED display is mainly used for indoor, in the process became the first light-emitting grain to make dot matrix module ( Or digital tube) , again by module joining together for a certain size of the display unit board, according to user requirements, to display the cell plate joining together into the size of the user needs as the basic unit. According to the size of the pixel, indoor screen is divided into P2, P3, P3. 75年,P4。 8, P5, P8, P10, etc. Outdoor LED display, outdoor LED display is mainly used for outdoor, in the process became the first light-emitting grain encapsulated into a single light-emitting diode, called single lamp, single lamp is generally used to make outdoor screen reflective cup has concentrated effect is used to improve the brightness; Again by more than the LED single lamp is encapsulated into a single pixel tube or pixel module, and is composed of pixels or pixel module matrix display unit cabinet, according to user needs and application of a place, with a display unit housing as the basic unit of the size of the you need. Box should be sealed in the design, in order to achieve the purpose of the waterproof anti-fog, make it adapt to the outdoor environment. Can be used in not under the direct sunlight outdoors, screen has certain seal, generally in the eaves or in a window. Second, LED display screen classification according to the display performance LED display display performance is divided into: single color graphic screen, two-color graphic screen, double color video, synchronous display, three colors video ( Full color screen) , monochrome screen, double color display screen, market, all kinds of sign, etc. Quotation LED display generally including securities, interest rates, futures use LED display. Graphic display support TXT, BMP file, it can display a simple graphic pictures. Also have offline operation function at the same time, if you don't change display content, can not open the control machine, opening the body direct power supply line, display instant support expansion, such as a variety of ways. Equipped with advanced, perfect control, production and broadcast software, easy to learn and easy to use, has dozens of playback mode, can play the video information, have computer automatic switch machine screen function, improve the service life of the screen, more to avoid the switch machine, computer display interface and disorderly accidentally. With the function of offline operation, the content is displayed in the editing is complete and sent to the display screen can be closed after control machine. Display content stored resident, temporary in and real time three, a scrollable display different content, can display 4000 characters, made after the general way through RS232 serial port to send to the screen, and through the remote control. Greatly improved the level of interior decoration, has a good visual effect. Due to the installation and use LED bar screen technology content to a certain extent, restrict the development of in the advertising industry. Three single color LED display, LED display screen classification according to gezer; single color LED display as the name of the color is only one is the screen backlight, most of the fashion blue or green color, of course, also have other common single color, such as red, yellow and so on. Single color LED display most in red, because red high luminous efficiency, can obtain higher brightness, also can use green, also can be mixed color, namely the part in red, green for the part, the part in yellow. Double color LED display double color LED display is red and green leds together as the production of LED display a pixel. Each pixel has two primary colors red, green, to overlay the yellow, with the help of gray scale control, through the red, green, different gray level change, can create up to 65535 kinds of color combination. Full color LED display full-color LED display is red, green, blue three kinds of LED tube together as a single pixel of LED display. Full-color LED display, also known as the three primary colors, each pixel has red, green, blue three primary colors, with the help of gray scale control, through the different gray level changes, red, green and blue is a good way to restore the color of nature, combination of 16777216 colors. Above is about classification and difference of LED display, and hope to be of help.
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