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Led display the best viewing distance how to calculate

by:Toponetech     2021-03-09
Outdoor LED display and indoor LED display has a best but distance. Is that most people watch the LED display on the best but distance, display imaging is the most perfect. For large screen clip figure of the pixels in the square, have a certain shape, brightness, distance of two points of light, unable to determine the position of the two points to the two, the minimum vertical distance, referred to as the minimum range, and that point and two known as the smallest Angle view points matching. So the factors that affect the minimum stadia and minimum perspective are: the shape of the light spot, brightness, distance. For rectangular display screen of a certain intensity, distance, the square big TV cannot determine the rectangle shows the location of the image content to the rectangular frame, the minimum vertical distance, referred to as the biggest stadia. So the factors influencing maximum visibility are: rectangular display brightness, distance. Is greater than the minimum range, less than the range of maximum visibility, called square screen line-of-sight effectively. Best video at the same time, however, is a human sensory stadia, some people think of 40 square square big TV in the 100 metres away couldn't see, some people think is good. So, square led large screen best stadia is a worth about. LED display the best visual distance calculation at http://www. ql。 com/newsdetail_457_220_220。 HTML 0 a LED display on the sending card can use gigabit nic instead of? Under a virtual technology is LED display
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