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LED display storage, installation of the eight points for attention

by:Toponetech     2021-03-24
1, put box body place clean, laid with pearl cotton. 2, prohibit disorderly stack module or stack more than ten. Stack module, light surface relative to put in place to isolate and use pearl cotton. 3, body put suggested flat lamp facing, such as too many need to be especially careful when standing protection, larger sites on vertical vibration. 4 to should take put down gently, enclosure, landing back on lamp surface ground again, beware of the ke. 5, all personnel during installation or maintenance, all must be installed with cordless anti-static bracelet, box or module should take put down gently, it is forbidden to throw. When transporting box shall be raised, shall not be pushed or dragged on the ground, so as to avoid uneven ground module at the bottom of the damage. Enclosure should keep balance in the process of hoist, and may not be swinging in the air, spinning. 7, abnormal occurrence crack when installation, positioning, and so on and so forth, it is forbidden to use a hammer and other rigid thing. no box and module, may pick up the box body to exclude foreign body after trying again. Adjusted if necessary, use the soft rubber hammer hit the body metal part, it is strictly prohibited to hit the module. It is forbidden to appear between modules of extrusion, collision, etc. 8, unit board failure, need to use the corresponding panel out fault module, it is forbidden to use a screwdriver or sharp objects such as tweezers to don't, pry and other irregularities. 2 a brief introduction on the function of full color LED display driver IC and under the action of a full color LED display driver IC function and role
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