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LED display shows only half?

by:Toponetech     2021-02-13
Earlier in the post bar to see a post consultation touch display show only half the problem. The diagram below: so what is the main cause of this problem? We should be how to repair? Look below small make up engineer to solve: 1. Set in the right position of display area: the inside the screen player software to set the display area size, adjust. 2. Set the font is too big, or the player software to adjust font size 3. Unit board: board is broken, of course, don't display, change boards, this kind of situation is not common problems like this in general is the problem set. Some of them may be malfunctioning of the unit. But the chance is small. Here we see a similar problem as shown in figure: most of the problem is hardware problems, usually is caused by the following questions. 1. The power cord problem: as the first object. May be caused according to loose the power cord on the unit plate is not comprehensive. 2. Power supply problem: this is generally the power module fault, cause, replace the power supply, but this is not common. As the second screen object. 3. Control card damage: control card damage cause data transmission errors or incomplete. 4. Unit board: board is broken, of course, don't display, change boards, this kind of situation is not common. Above is the article about the LED screen half the cause of the problem and the solution, according to from simple to complex, from the most common problems one by one. If you still not sure, please contact the small make up photoelectric solve the problem for you. 3 full color on a single color touch display the difference between a curved surface under the advantages and application range of led display
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