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LED display screens and computer connection

by:Toponetech     2021-03-23
How do LED display and computer connection? Using graphic below detailed explanation for everyone. 1. Computer graphics is in commonly buy connection LED display of the computer graphics equipment with DIV interface. As shown in figure, if not bring DI { V interface without video processor do the middle control, graphics DIV interface connected directly to the data sending CARDS. 。 2. LED display the receiving card is a new generation of data sending card change RS232 interface for USB and USB connection, so the configured computer don't need the RS232 port, otherwise the computer should be equipped with RS232 interface. Description: video processor generally according to the requirements of customers to configure, is mainly used to increase the DVD, VCD, camera video broadcast and control, can make the stage singing and dancing of LED display material to play. 4, the computer host: the host computer is equipped with independent graphics card slot, had better have RS232 interface, because if it is not a new generation of data sending card controller, is pictured above. 点击查看《led视频处理器调试详解》点击查看《LED显示屏控制卡使用必须注意的7大事项》 2 上一条 LED显示屏故障测试方法和解决方案 下一条 LED显示屏可视距离计算
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