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LED display screen the whole piece of red how to deal with?

by:Toponetech     2021-03-18
LED display when play does not show the image of text, but a whole piece of red do? When found that the red LED display screen, a, is to check the wiring, or the power cord is connected; To a discharge line and power supply. Sometimes is the interface is loose. Second, check whether the first input board is broken; If the damage to the first bat know data transmission errors or data can't transfer. 3, when the card is in a state of the test will appear red screen phenomenon; Four, may be because of a combination of modules to short-circuit the green dot array is not bright, all red, red block; Five, control card program error, green and blue display is not correct, single red red block phenomenon. There may be a control card physical damage, or is a software setting playback file setting error. In general, there are very few in the whole piece of red screen phenomenon, if that is the whole piece appear red, certainly must be control card is broken, should contact the manufacturer, replace the controller can run normally. Information source: small make up a LED display on the photoelectric 0 installation contract under a LED display screen have off color to how to deal with?
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