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LED display screen freezes in winter

by:Toponetech     2021-02-13
in the northern winter sometimes encounter some difficult problems, such as: outdoor display cabinet circuit boards every evening to the morning on a layer of frost. Lead to housing short circuit, or display screen garbled flowers, etc. Against the problem of LED screen of choose and buy when the IP level must reach more than 5 or 6. Only enough to prevent moisture from entering the waterproof and dustproof level. If you can only open the tuyere has been installed to should solution problem.
classification of led display how to use the touch display screen classification a
1. Applications: indoor screen, outdoor screen b. USES the color of the LED lights: single color, double colors, full color c. Functional categories: bar screen, graphic screen, screen d. LED connection mode: synchronous screen, asynchronous screen 2 how to select the products according to the display screen viewing distance and use the environment to: a. Indoor screen: when screens installed in the conference room: it is recommended to use Q4 and smaller spacing of products when the display screen is used to store the hall: it is recommended to use the Q7. 62 and the smaller distance between products, is the display screen is used to store the stage rental: it is recommended to use Q5 and smaller spacing of product b. Outdoor screen: when display installed on the highway, it is recommended to use Q10 outdoor full-color, Q8 outdoor full-color products when display installed on the square: it is recommended to use Q16 outdoor full-color ( Xiangyang when display) , Q10 outdoor full-color ( According to banish xiangyang) 。
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