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LED display repair technical problems and solutions!

by:Toponetech     2021-05-25
People who have installed LED displays will have encountered some technical problems more or less, and they don’t understand or know where to learn! In fact, sometimes some problems are very simple, but often you can't find the main points, so you won't be able to delay the time and not talk about it, and it will affect your business efficiency! Let's analyze the six common technical problems and methods of touch display repair!   1. Problem: The whole unit board does not light up, which is the legendary (black screen)!  Solution: If several consecutive boards do not light up in the horizontal direction, check whether the cable connection between the normal unit board and the abnormal unit board is connected! Or whether the chip 245 is normal. But if the longitudinal direction of several consecutive boards is not bright, then check whether the power supply of this column is normal.   Second, the problem: the whole screen is not bright (all black screens)    1. Check whether the power is on.   2. Check whether the communication line is connected and whether it is connected incorrectly. (Synchronization screen)    3. The synchronization screen detects whether the green light of the sending card and the receiving card communication flickers.  4. Whether the computer monitor is protected, or the display area of u200bu200bthe screen is black or pure blue. (Synchronization screen)    3. The line on the unit board is not bright    1. Check whether the line pin is connected to the 4953 output pin.  2, check whether 138 is normal.  3. Check whether 4953 is hot or burnt.   4. Check whether 4953 has a high level.   5. Check whether the control pins 138 and 4953 are connected.  Four, the unit board is not bright   1, check whether the 595 is normal.  2. Check whether the corresponding pins of the upper and lower modules are connected.   3. Check whether there is a connection between the 595 output pin and the module pin.  5, the unit board lacks color   1, check whether the 245 R.G data is output.  2. Check whether the normal 595 output pin and the abnormal 595 input pin are connected.   VI. Dot matrix digital hybrid touch display failure:    1. The entire screen of the touch display jitters or flickers. The reason is that the internal card and T-type card are abnormal. Replace the card.   (2) The brightness of the digital part is incorrect. The T-card potentiometer should be adjusted correctly or damaged, and the T-card should be re-adjusted. Replace the T-card.   (3) A stock line is abnormally bright, and the line short circuit should be eliminated.   (4) A certain LED pen does not light up, there is false soldering or the LED is broken, repair the soldering and replace the LED.   (5) The market information display position is wrong, the address of the T card is jumped wrongly, update and adjust.  
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