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Led display module, how to reduce the production cost

by:Toponetech     2021-03-09
Display the casing unit is the basic unit of module, use the environment to have two types of indoor and outdoor, according to the normal product, indoor the structure of the product: pan, masks, lamp plate and accessories, etc. ; The structure of the outdoor products: sealing ring, pan, masks, light board, sealant and accessories, etc. In view of the component architecture module products, apart from the original design thinking mode, according to the design idea of 'integration' module, for the independent (of each component Correlation) Design, will greatly reduce the cost of module products, concrete can be described respectively from the following several aspects: lamp plate integrated design: light plate as an important component of the module, the cost of high and low will directly affect the end product sales price, in other words is closely related to product profits. First is the integration of LED chips and encapsulation: the LED chip directly binding on the circuit board the middle layer, and then in the binding of the concave hole directly into the sealant, it forms the integration of LED display module, an integral part. From the point of cost, with the conventional process compared to manufacturing module products, mainly to reduce costs of two parts, the first is the LED packaging products sales profits and its part of the cost of materials ( Stents and shell) ; The second packaging products electronics processing fee. , of course, in addition to the above direct cost reduction, and intangible costs, such as processing technology of simplification, the capacity of ascension, product qualified rate of rise, reducing the costs of manufacturing and after-sale service cost; Reduce product manufacturing, shorten the production cycle; Reduced efficiency, personnel and so on many factors, bring management cost greatly reduced, the LED manufacturing industry will be a big step toward high-end manufacturing. Comprehensive consideration for different specifications of the module products, especially products with high density, small spacing using the COB binding mode of production, the cost compared with the conventional practice of similar products, the reduction in the 40 - 70% or higher.
the density increases, the unit area of internal control fabrication process increases the amount of information, in order not to reduce the related technical indicators, such as gray, refresh rate, etc. , using the per unit area will be increased, the number of control card in the narrow space, to do the product with good manufacturability, become very difficult. For ordinary users, the use of packaging form, will be more flexible in terms of design and use; For users with binding equipment, can be used directly to IC binding in PCB design, the use of this method is easy to do driver IC volume smaller, cost is lower than in the form of encapsulation, the disadvantage is that not the versatility, after-sales service is the difficulty. Control section ( With control card manufacturers or other joint) Based on driven I C, on the basis of integration of substantial increase, which save the physical space, receives the control card circuit design can be transferred to the driven plate, and the drive and control the design together, to form the intelligent drive, to achieve the effect of this scheme not only can make the product manufacturability, and related to the product stability, reliability, will be greatly improved. At the same time, the use of module products will be more flexible, such as the brightness of the module itself calibration data, the respect such as colour correction data will not be affected by the change or position change; Module, the combination of the information content of a form, display and so on all can free transform, so the use of different ideas, will become very simple. Through these change and ascension, and development of the market will play a positive role in promoting. Plank of integration design: considering the heat dissipation small spacing module products or other special environmental demands of the fan cooling way, aluminum sheet and plate bonding epoxy use can better solve the problem of heat dissipation module product, as well as to pass the EMC test requirements; Make the products accord with the requirement of safety certification on the overall. To sum up, integrated chips and the packaging design and the integration design of drive circuit, both through the circuit board organic unifies in together, formed the described in this article, Indoor use) Integration module products; If we can receive the control card integrated design organic combination in the design of drive, then formed the described in this article, Indoor use) Integration of intelligent driver module products. In this paper the integration of the LED module products, represent only personal for the future development of display screen industry forecasts, actually how to development is determined by the market itself.

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