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LED display manufacturers need to accelerate the pace of transformation

by:Toponetech     2021-06-19
In 2018, the touch display market was surging, and the entire industry was undergoing rapid transformation. Distributors also became a hot spot in the industry this year. Undoubtedly, in the new market, distributors must accelerate their pace of transformation to cope with industry changes. , To face new markets and challenges. The traditional value of dealers is gradually disappearing. We must clearly realize that the value of dealers in the past is disappearing. At present, with the huge changes in the market environment, dealers in the traditional sense of the future will have business value, logistics value, and capital for manufacturers. Significant changes in value: Generally speaking, dealers have logistics value for manufacturers. However, with the rapid development of the logistics industry, the logistics value of dealers is gradually decreasing. However, the current touch display screens have warehousing in addition to logistics. Value; secondly, dealers only have financial value for manufacturers. Generally speaking, the business model between manufacturers and dealers is that dealers make payments first, and manufacturers deliver goods. Manufacturers occupy a large amount of dealers’ funds for themselves for a long time. Because of the current capital market environment, manufacturers can have more channels for financing. It can be predicted in the future that this value will eventually disappear. Finally, the business value is currently under the new environment. The business model and method need to be changed as soon as possible, otherwise, this value will also disappear. But will the dealer disappear? The answer is definitely no, but transformation is the general trend, so dealers have to think about several questions: In the face of the trend of diversified channels, how to find their own living space? What kind of value can you provide in the process of interacting with other channels? How should touch display manufacturers transform in a new environment from reseller to service provider? In the future, how does the value of dealers create value for users? Because dealers are in contact with users, channels are just sales channels. Channels themselves will not create value. Only brands and services can create value. Upstream companies find you, hoping to better reflect the brand value through your bridge. If you can't create user value, you will definitely be eliminated. In the future, the chain from manufacturers to consumers will continue to shorten, because only the shorter the chain will be more efficient. Of course, it does not mean that they are all direct sales by enterprises, and the intermediate chain will still exist, but the nature has changed. If the company needs an open value chain, then dealers must find their place in this value chain and be accepted by other chain points before they can share the benefits they deserve, otherwise they will be eliminated. . Then the dealers in the future must transform into service providers. This is the only way for dealers in the future to become a service platform. In the future, the profit of dealers will no longer be the profit of the product, but the service of the product. This sentence is true, but the question to understand is: What value do you want to create in this value chain? Since you are a service provider, you must use services to exchange value with users, but the service requires a cost, and the performance of the value created is clear and not vague. With your current resources, capabilities and mentality, are you ready? ?
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