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LED display light pollution?

by:Toponetech     2021-02-18
LED display security problem analysis 1, light security classification generally light safety can be divided into the following two types, namely biosecurity and interference light. Biological safety of this type of light safety research scope including uv, ir, blu-ray and visible radiation on human tissue damage problem. The light of the common biological hazards are mainly photochemical ultraviolet harm to human body skin and eyes, blue light on the human body the harm of the retina, infrared laying the harm to the eyes and the impact of sunlight on the skin, and so on. All sensory organs in the body, the eyes are the most important part of a, its ability to repair itself is relatively weak, once the external optical radiation will cause irreversible damage to the eyes, even if the visible light are likely to hurt people's eyes, such as shorter wavelength blue light can cause retinal photoreceptor cell damage, serious when can cause pigment epithelial function degradation, and like a high strength of irradiation can lead to thermal damage of retina. Interference of light interference light is divided into direct and indirect two kinds, the former is to point to specific vision brightness higher light directly cause the loss of visual resolution: The latter refers to the light did not directly appear within the field of vision, but after an object's surface reflection light projection into the problems of the human eye. Through investigating the domestic some LED display manufacturers and found that the maximum brightness of LED display in 6 ~ 8 000 000 CD/m2, the numerical didn't reach the light brightness lowest biosafety problems, therefore, LED display is not including the blue light damage to the retina, light biological hazards. In view of this, here small make up the key to the problem of the interference of LED display light is analyzed. The reasons for the formation of 2, LED display light itself reason LED display have the characteristics of high brightness, if the brightness of the display screen on a dark night output reached 8000 CD/m2, so will cause serious interference of light. Position reason observer the closer the distance of the screen, or the standing position and display form on the edge, the greater the gaze direction toward the convergence, the screen or observer will produce more serious interference of the light. Environment illumination intensity of illumination for day and night there is obvious difference, this will cause the same brightness LED display in different period of time will produce different degree of interference of light. Observer for the observer age, occupation, health, psychological mood different, will feel different levels of interference of light. For example, often contact photosensitizer or observer with eye diseases, to be more sensitive to light. Show why screen shown in the image content if change too fast, easy cause discomfort observer; High brightness, color transition stiff, can also cause eye discomfort. Evaluation standard for displays are used in many places, such as road traffic, commercial, residential areas, because of the different nature of place, the interference of light evaluation standard is also different. Environment causes environmental conditions can significantly influence on the display screen interference light, if the environment condition is relatively poor, such as the fog haze, dust, fog, rain, wind and other weather, will affect people's judgment to display light interference, the human eye under the affected by external factors, will cause the judgment standard, the objectivity of impact assessment. Conclusion to sum up, the LED display as a light source, it inevitably will appear in the process of running safety and light pollution, to effectively prevent the LED display the damage to human body, should be on the basis of comprehensive analysis of the safety light, take feasible measures to eliminate LED display light pollution, which in addition to being able to provide guarantee for human health, can provide help for the scope of application of broadening LED display.
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