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Led display is the cause of the fire

by:Toponetech     2021-03-07
1. The wire on the market can be said to be the quality is good and bad are intermingled, many bad spools are with copper clad aluminum wire, looks is copper wire, it is mainly aluminum alloy, the line can only be used as a temporary wire, there is no way to use on regular products. 2. Used inferior power, or smaller power, or the power supply long-term overload running. 3. Led the PCB material is inferior, unreasonable design and process more bad result in copper wire have burr, eventually cause a short-circuit phenomenon, this is to be the main reasons for the fires.

LED display how to adjust time solution: computer editor of good content, click the 'send' button LED editing software, can modify the computer after the content ( Such as your revised time) By hooking on the LED display (' In fact is transmitted to the LED display control on the memory card) 。 If you do not click the 'send' button, your computer in the modified contents ( For example, time) Cannot be displayed on the LED display. If is synchronous control system, computer changed the content ( For example, you adjust the time) , LED display will immediately show you the revised content. So, can tell you the LED display is to use asynchronous control system. Small make up photoelectric specializing in the production of LED display, give a welcome to negotiate.

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