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LED display installation contract

by:Toponetech     2021-03-21
The LED display installation contract. Time: general provisions: party a: party b: signed on installation site, through friendly consultation, both party a and party b is commissioned by party a to party b production of LED electronic display, according to the law of the People's Republic of China contract law agreed, this contract is made. two System specifications and requirements ( A) System structure: LED display system is mainly composed of the following sections. 1. LED display: display body, control system, power supply, borders, etc. 2. Application: display configuration users of the software, can be used to screen display content layout and display all kinds of display function of the control operation. 3. Contract value: the contract amount: RMB capital:. Four. Payment terms: 1. After being stamped, the signature of the contract, party a grants party b yuan ( Capital:) For the deposit, after the construction as payment for goods, the contract takes effect. 2. According to the request of party a party b to have the goods sent to the designated by party a after the construction site, installation and debugging in the party b, party a pay party b the balance of the contract after acceptance of us $( Capital: yuan) 。 Five. Time limit for a project requirements: both parties agreed from contract signature days as of the date of the project is complete. 1, party b delays due to personnel, unable to guarantee the normal construction can not acceptance on time, party b is 1% of the engineering construction costs per day to take responsibility. 2, delays due to the reason of party a, and after the completion of deferred payment, party b shall not undertake any responsibility. Party a shall bear the cost of party b delays, according to the engineering construction costs of 1% of the responsibility. Six. 1 after-sales service. Party b is responsible for the lifelong maintenance system, one year free maintenance, one year after party b only charge the cost maintenance. 2. Party b to party a within 2 days after notification to the scene of maintenance, five working days must be repaired. The following screen can run normally, party b may assist party a to solve, but the relevant expenses to be borne by party a: 1) Screens and party a network connection when using computer, because computer network problems cause the damage of the display and software; ( Party b without any responsibilities) 2) System due to improper use party a's problems in the use and the loss caused by unexpected circumstances. Seven. Other: 1. Ensure all abide by the contract terms, both party a and party b in addition to the force majeure factors, any one party defaults, the breaching party must assume the loss of the other party. 2. Party a is not paid in accordance with the contract requirements, each more than a day, it shall pay party b the contract amount of 1 ‰ of liquidated damages. Not completed on schedule due to party b, each more than a day, it shall pay party a contract 1 ‰ of the total amount of liquidated damages. 3. In the process of execution of this contract, such as a dispute by both sides talks things over solve, if the negotiation fails, the solution by party b is located secondary secondary load carrying mechanism. Eight. Effect of this contract in duplicate, party a and party b each hold one copy, since the signature and seal of both parties on behalf of, party b shall take effect as of the date of receiving party a's first GeTongKuan. 甲方:乙方:代表人:代表人:电话/传真:电话/传真:地址:地址:签定日期:年月日 4 上一条 怎么通过外观检测LED显示屏屏体箱体质量 下一条 LED显示屏整块红屏要怎么处理?
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