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Led display installation considerations

by:Toponetech     2021-02-05
After a lot of consumer is buying the led is seldom pay attention to the installation of led, give it all to install, but many led manufacturers when installing led only check the attachment of the problem, but ignoring the other problems, before the installation of led, in addition to check the correctness of the successive lines, namely, check the correctness of the high voltage part and signal connection, also check the integrity of the computer software installation, including graphics and the installation of control software. These may be for not the consumer is nothing, but for installation member, if ignore these will affect the quality of LED manufacturer's service. Below is a summary of the general LED manufacturer problems should be noticed when installation LED: 1. Abide by the 'user manual' of the operating steps; 2. Power supply meets the requirements; LED power supply voltage: 220 v + 10% frequency: 50 hz + / - 5%; Safety earth contact is reliable, reliable ground wire from the zero line, plugged into a power supply from high power electric device. 3. The temperature is just right, temperature requirements for: - working environment temperature 20 degrees C t 80 C or less or less; - storage environment temperature 40 degrees C t 60 degrees C or less 4 or less. Moisture, humidity requirement is: the highest working temperature, the LED should be less than 92% relative humidity for a good command of the installation time LED to the attention of the problem, the LED will be very good application. 26 a touch display on how to control the led display next how to respond to the wet environment
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