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LED display frequent trip because of what?

by:Toponetech     2021-03-13
LED display is frequent trip why? Here are the LED display screen frequent trip to do a simple analysis. Hope to be able to solve the problem of LED display you trip. 1, leakage protector, the layout is not reasonable because the LED display installation site has particularity, such as wiring error, the wiring is shot, switch cabinet leakage protector damage, some electrical appliances without switch box, as well as the leakage protector itself inevitably misoperation and refused to move, plus not according to the actual electricity leakage protector for decorate, caused the leakage protector the frequent trip. In this case in addition to strengthen management, need from the perspective of technology, the protector according to the actual situation to carry on the reasonable layout. Into the line on the total power leakage protector, but mainly as a total to prevent electric fire hazards and electrical short circuit protection, and to do every small leakage protection range of backup protection, its rated leakage current action can choose between 200 ~ 500 ma, rated leakage action time can choose 0. 2 to 0. 3s。 In this way, can greatly reduce the surge voltage and surge current and electromagnetic interference effect on the total leakage protector, improve the selectivity and reliability of the total leakage protector action. If we can make each leakage protection within the scope of the secondary leakage protection under effective protection, can greatly reduce the site always leaked the protector the frequent trip. 2, within the scope of protection, there is no effective secondary or tertiary level at the end of the leakage protector for leakage protection switch box is the main protection of electrical equipment, if the level at the end of the leakage protector is not installed, damage or improper selection, could lead to higher leakage protector the frequent trip. Due to the metal conductor in LED display many, wire connection is more, if the wire insulation is not very good, often leads to the leakage situation; Some also add some socket, in many cases is the leakage protector, often cause leakage. Only within the scope of each protection an effective mode of secondary or tertiary leakage protection, can effectively reduce the leakage protector the frequent trip. 3, the leakage protector itself has some limitations, 1) The current leakage protector, either magnetic or electrical adopt induction voltage transformer to pick up the leakage current in main circuit, electrical equipment phase or three phase four wire can't arrangement in the circular equilibrium completely. LED display of the three-phase load could not completely balanced, under the overvoltage of large electrical flow or higher, in has a very high magnetic permeability of magnetic ring induction out certain electromotive force, the electromotive force big, will lead to leakage protector trip. ( 2) Leakage protector in rated leakage action between the rated current and leakage current action not has a uncertain area, leakage protector of leakage current fluctuation in this area, may result in leakage protector irregular trip. 4, leakage protector selection is not reasonable, 1) Rating of the switch used in the leakage current action more than 30 ma or is more than rated current electrical equipment more than twice the leakage protector, or with the delay type leakage protector, due to the increase of leakage current action rating or a reduction in the protection sensitivity, the leakage fault occurs, the end leakage protector without action, the higher leakage protector can action. ( 2) To LED display energized the starting current, often is larger, the large current may cause leakage protector trip. Therefore, we should as far as possible in batches to display on the case of electricity. In addition, generally should choose the surge overvoltage and overcurrent not too sensitive type electromagnetic leakage protector; Or choose 1 larger than the rated current. 5 ~ 2 times of electronic leakage protector, but as a final stage leakage protection, rated leakage current action should not be greater than 30 ma. In a word, the leakage protector the frequent trip is a result of the combined action of various factors, the most main is to reasonable decorate leakage protector, narrowing the scope of the protection of the two or three leakage protector, the correct selection of leakage protector and wiring, every two or three leakage protector in the range of the under effective protection. On the other hand is to strengthen the electricity utilization management and through training to improve staff's own quality, put an end to the electrical wiring, so you can both improve the safety of the electricity, and can reduce the leakage protector the frequent trip, for LED display normal job creation good power supply condition.

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