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LED display four main performance indicators to know how much?

by:Toponetech     2021-02-12
Starting in 1998, in the led display industry began to set up led display industry standards, to correctly guide users understand the performance of the led display, standardization of led display market has very important significance. Below small make up on the led display the four main indicators. 1. Full brightness for 'brightness' biggest characteristics of the important performance has no clear requirements. Because of the use of led display environment differ in thousands ways, intensity of illumination, Generally people say environmental brightness) Is different, so, for the most sophisticated products, as long as the standards specified in the corresponding test method, a performance data is provided by the supplier ( Product information) Schedule is better than the specific performance requirements given in the standard. These are in conformity with the international standard, but it also caused the impractical in the bids of one-upmanship, users don't understand this, leaving many requirements in the tender 'brightness' biggest often is much higher than the actual need. Therefore, it is suggested that in order to guide the user to understand correctly the performance index of the maximum brightness of led display, the industry it is necessary to give a guidance: in some occasions, in the use of different illumination conditions, the brightness of the led display at what value can meet the requirements. 2. Gezer main wavelength error to gezer main wavelength error indicators, change from 'gezer wavelength error' to 'gezer main wavelength error,' more telling the indicators reflect what is led display a characteristic. Observed color of dominant wavelength is equivalent to the human eye color is tonal, is a psychological, is an attribute of a color distinguish each other. And the industry standard of performance requirements, literally, the user is unable to learn it is reflecting an indicator of led display color uniformity. Therefore, is to guide the user to understand the term, then understand this metric? Or from the perspective of the customer first to get to know and understand the led display, to give users can understand the characteristics of simple? Product standards of one of the principle of the principle of 'performance' : 'as long as possible, requirements should be expressed by performance characteristics, without having to design and describe the characteristics to express, this method gave the biggest leeway to technology development'. 'Primary' dominant wavelength error is one such design requirements, if by 'color uniformity' instead of, there is no limit what wavelength of LED. For the user, as long as you promise the color of the touch display is uniform, and don't have to consider what you are using technology to achieve, as large as possible the leeway for technology development, it is good for the development of industry greatly. 3. Duty ratio as the above principle of 'performance' 'as long as possible, requirements should be expressed by performance characteristics, without having to design and describe the characteristics to express, this method gave the biggest leeway to technology development'. We believe that the 'duty cycle' is purely a design technical requirements, should not be used as a performance index of the led display product standards; Everybody knows, what the user would care about display driver duty ratio, they care about is the effect of display, rather than our technical implementation; Why should we make this kind of technical barriers, limiting industry technology development? Producers can make a guarantee, but not a substitute for requirements, it is a business concept, the concept of contract, rather than technical concepts. Industry should be a clear statement to this, for the users, producers and the whole industry will be very beneficial. For how to guide the user understanding touch display products, such a complex system or industry association make more led display technology BBS, from set out actually, to analyze the product from the user's point of view, guide users understand the led display correctly.
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