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Led display control design of the directly connected network

by:Toponetech     2021-03-08
In LED display engineering applications, the screen is in commonly before delivery to parameter configuration, debugging, light, and show the test, otherwise due to the site conditions, it is difficult to carry out the work. When doing debugging and program testing, but through a serial port communication and so on, and along with the network popularization and the improvement of speed, network communication mode adopted by more users, the user through a hub or network direct way to communicate with the display. Among them through the hub, PC and display IP is not in the same network segment; And when network directly connected, the IP address of the PC and screen must be in the same network segment. No matter what kind of method, must know the IP addresses to communicate. But in the process of debugging, due to the LED control card placed too much, too long or configured by different people, sometimes the user may not know the IP address of the display screen, so it is difficult to carry out the work. In addition, the factory configuration of IP address and the IP address of the site installation may be different, and installation of display IP address as users differ in thousands ways, the IP address is different also. Thus, in the process of debugging, requires repeated modification screen or the IP address of the PC, bring a lot of work. Therefore, based on the application of these problems, the users can adopt the way of network directly connected, don't need to know the IP address of the LED display, also need not modify the PC IP can realize the PC and LED display network communication, make it more convenient for the user to debug the LED display. Through market research, some LED display the Internet software claims that a direct way, but in the concrete implementation is not satisfactory, such as stability, reliability and timeliness, etc, are not satisfied. Through research, this paper proposes a new method of network directly connected, is a good way to solve these problems, let users, reliable, efficient and convenient to debug monitor. 1 main function requirement analysis and model building for directly connected network, hardware as shown in figure 1, the direct connection with the network connect PC and display screen, and then the IP address of the manual set them in the same network segment, you can communicate. But in this way, if you don't know the IP address of the screen in advance, it will be hard to communicate. Don't know to achieve display IP address can also realize the PC and display, the purpose of direct communication is solved with the aid of a DHCP service principle: setting the LED display as a DHCP server for a fixed IP address, set the PC card to obtain IP address automatically, through the DHCP service functions, automatic configuration of PC LAN IP address, it established a network connection channel. Some developers use this way to realize the network directly connected, but there are some problems with this approach: first, because of the UDP communication isn't connection communication, the communication reliability is less prone to failure; Second, can only be done through the operating system's own system, without intervention, users can set the timeout, sometimes waiting time is too long, the longest for 60 seconds; Third, the fixed IP DHCP, obviously not so good in practice; Fourthly, exit system, the PC can't restore the original network adapter configuration information.
3 conclusion based on the commissioning process of the LED display demand for network directly connected, puts forward a method of network directly connected network adapter configuration information are stored in the system at boot time, using the network direct process to construct the network direct channel and exit system automatic recovery network adapter configuration information, users don't need to know the IP address of the LED display, also need not modify the IP address of the PC, can realize the PC and LED display of network communication. In LED navigator software used in this method, the reliability, stability and timeliness recognised by the user, has obtained the good effect. Practice has proved that the method could be used to provide a similar application solution can be used for reference.

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