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LED display companies should create a sophisticated quality system

by:Toponetech     2021-06-20
At present, in the face of fierce competition in various industries, it is not bad for the touch display industry not to enter the market without retreating. Although it does not face the severe market competition environment like other industries, the development speed of the LED industry market is slower than before. It slowed down. In the face of this situation, how should LED display companies or distributors treat the current LED display industry market, how to survive this industry crisis, combine their own competitiveness, and win in the ultimate competition. Experts said: In the current LED display market, companies find the right entry point for their growth. It has been only 20 years since the birth of the LED display industry, and now there are thousands of large and small LED display manufacturers. Industry insiders have found that the clustered companies are distracting a small market, and the period of eating crabs alone is no longer. In order to occupy and expand the market share, the flocked ones did not hesitate to use price wars to attract consumers and distributors. As the saying goes, the back wave pushes the front wave, and the front wave doesn't want to die on the sandy shore and can only bite the bullet and take it. Judging from the buying and selling environment this year, many door industry companies seem to be incapable when facing more and more competition, and the market has a very significant two-level decomposition: the orders of the good companies are too late to catch up, and there is a difference in buying and selling. You can only chew on the old. In today's LED display consumer market, when consumers choose an touch display, they usually look at the market product pattern first. After the pattern is the same or similar, the brand is chosen from the consumer's first view. Price is of course also a factor that affects consumers when they choose LED displays, but the decisive factor is the product brand. Only when a product has quality assurance, consumers are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it, so touch display suppliers are in The quality of the products must be checked while fighting the price war. The influence of the product structure of the electronics industry in the market is very black and white. The products of the same structure certainly determine the influence of the brand. Only superficially attractive, then it also has a very large subsidy effect on trafficking.
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