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LED display change after word don't respond

by:Toponetech     2021-03-19
LED display change word word generally have a serial port and usb stick to words. 1. A serial port are directly connected computers LED display, we open the control software. Edit content font, then it is ok to send. 2. U disk change word software menu there is a column, click on the USB download, save Settings and content when u disk inside is ok. Change program with U disk copy content directly to the LED display screen to replace it. If you change the text is still not so concentration may effect. 1. A serial port cable. Use control card software check whether can connect to the display, if the connection is in general can be, check the line whether there still cannot solve the short circuit. 2. U disk to words without reaction should check whether the u disk problems. Whether control card software. Verify the control card software, format the u disk to import the data again.
LED display just why there will be a screen and light when electricity line
the LED display screen has just electricity come when you least expect them to take a few seconds and bright lines or screen flowers are the reasons? When the display control card and computer has the HUB distribution board and the screen after the connection is in order, power supply + 5 v power supply controller makes its normal work, please do not directly connected to 220 v voltage. The screen out there for a few seconds of light or screen. These are all normal, remind the user's screen is about to start work. Generally this phenomenon normal work for about 2 seconds, the screen will work properly.
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