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Led display cabinet how to choose

by:Toponetech     2021-03-08
Display installation method: hanging, Mosaic, wall, column, floor type a. Hanging screen hanging in the air. The top of the frame and the embedded parts of fixed beam. Hanging structure is applicable to indoor and outdoor, for the station signage, door head, airports and other places. Enclosure structure selection: aluminum alloy frame, aluminum box, etc. B. Embedded LED display embedded inside the structure, the screen body structure and building the embedded parts in the fixed. Outdoor, indoor Mosaic structure all can use. Display area is lesser, commonly used in shopping malls, facade, hotels and other places. Box to choose: aluminum enclosure, simple aluminium corner cabinet, cast aluminum housing, such as c. Wall LED display on the wall, construction of the surface of the beam or column, the screen body structure and building the embedded parts on the fixed. Indoor and outdoor wall structure can be used, usually used for outdoor advertising floor, large buildings, indoor room metope, etc. Choose cabinet: simple case d. Supported by columns, column display structure connected to the base at the bottom of the post. Common column structure and can be divided into two kinds of single column and double column. The structure weight is big, strict technology. Column is often used in outdoor plaza, large span between buildings. Case selection: take back cover housing e. LED display stand to face on floor, the bottom of the screen body structure and embedded parts fixed. Outdoor, indoor floor structure all can use. Usually used for outdoor plaza, roof, indoor arena and so on. Case selection: aluminum enclosure, simple aluminium corner cabinet, cast aluminum casing f. Rental screen used for stage performances, cultural activities the scene of the LED display, generally by the form of lease. Rental screen for quick installation disassembly handling requirements; Easy loading and unloading, easy to operate, the whole screen handling by rapid bolt solid, and connection, can accurate and fast frame screen and down the screen, and you can spell it requires to appear in different shapes to meet the scene. 箱体选用:铝型材箱体、简易铝转角箱体、铸铝箱体 256 上一条 led模组如何正确使用 下一条 led显示屏分类 如何使用led显示屏
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