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LED display anti-static knowledge

by:Toponetech     2021-06-13
Abstract: In the performance parameters of touch display products, many people pay more attention to the color, brightness, chip and other issues of the display, but few people pay attention to the anti-static performance of the LED display. Static electricity has a great impact on electronic products. Sometimes it is even fatal. Let’s discuss with you the knowledge related to anti-static LED display! First, in the performance parameters of LED display products, many people pay more attention to the color, brightness, chip and other issues of the display. , But few people pay attention to the anti-static performance of LED displays. Static electricity has a great impact on electronic products, and sometimes it is even fatal. Let's discuss with you the relevant knowledge of anti-static LED displays! One, static electricity The source of static electricity that affects the circuit is mainly the human body, plastic products, and related equipment and instruments. The static source from the use environment includes objects and materials; floors, work tables and chairs; work clothes, packaging containers; painted or waxed surfaces, organic And glass fiber materials; cement floors, painted or waxed floors, plastic floor tiles or floor leather; chemical fiber work clothes, non-conductive work shoes, clean cotton work clothes; plastic, packing boxes, boxes, bags, plates, foam pads. 2. Electrostatic discharge failure Sudden failure and potential failure. In the use environment, the electrostatic failure of more than 90 is a potential failure, which is manifested as the weakening of the circuit's anti-electric overstress ability and shortening the service life. 3. Anti-static measures Train personnel who use electrostatic sensitive circuits on electrostatic knowledge and related technologies; establish an anti-static work area. LED is a device sensitive to static electricity. INGAN chips are generally considered to be the first susceptible to interference. And ALINGAPLEDSSHI second or better; ESD damaged equipment can show dim, fuzzy, extinguished, short or low VF or VR. ESD damaged equipment should not be confused with electronic overload, such as: due to incorrect current design or drive, chip mounting, wire shielding grounding or packaging, or ordinary environmental induced pressure, etc.; ESD safety and control procedures: most The ESD of electronic and electro-optical companies is very similar, and has successfully implemented the ESD control, manipulation and main program of all equipment. These procedures have been used as instruments for testing quality effects because of ESD ancient times. ISO-9000 certification also lists him as a normal control procedure. 4. Transportation and packaging During daily operations, ESD sensitive equipment should always be stored in anti-static bags or containers. This includes inventory storage, shipping and WIP. Precautions during transportation include consumable fleets, boxes or other equipment, such as conductive wheels or drag links, and grounding when transporting ESD equipment; LED displays are currently the most widely used display products for large screens on the market, because It is a high-end display product, and the production cost is relatively high. touch display manufacturers need to train their employees on anti-static knowledge, and at the same time control the relative humidity above 40, to minimize the damage rate of the LED display during transportation. [LED unit board] [Making LED display] [LED display installation]
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