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Led display and energy saving, how to improve the luminous efficiency of led display

by:Toponetech     2021-02-02
Led full-color displays energy? Full-color touch display lights can say is that we know at ordinary times, but not too pay attention to the place, so a good led full color, power consumption is also the source for products to be very attention, because this kind of situation is certainly will affect the energy consumption and cost of the product itself. Based on the above question, how can we improve the full color LED lights, reduce the cost? Xiamen small make up photovoltaic experts to help everyone thought for a few tips. Full color led display lights with energy-saving products 1, resulting in decreased yield more chip packages and not easy to achieve the consistency of the light. 2, light color consistency, how to put it the consistency is very difficult, also can make the cost increase. 3, high power full color indoor led display packaging reliability is higher, the raw material is relatively more expensive, makes the cost is not easy to fall. 4, LED should conform to the quality required by consumers. 5, warm white, and high color sexual problems. High luminous efficiency will reduce soft degrees. 6, high-power LED encapsulation process is very complex, artificial proportion on the high side, it is not easy to use to reduce the production cost. Full color LED, LED, as a kind of green, energy-saving light source, get the favour of people, will, as a mainstream media, the future of the technology. In order to break through the bottleneck of restricting the development of industry, many innovative solutions have been proposed, at the same time, the theory, most of which has entered the stage of experiment, some have succeeded, and laid a solid foundation for the final industrialization. 356 what is the working principle of a led display on the next how to distinguish the stand or fall of led display
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