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It is not that the LED display market is difficult to do, but that you are positioning in the wrong direction!

by:Toponetech     2021-05-24
In the second half of 2018, under the influence of the overall economic environment, the market situation of the LED display industry is also relatively severe. At the same time, the competition within the industry is becoming more and more fierce. Many companies are worried about whether the LED display market has weakened. We are about to enter another battle for survival. In fact, we should look at this issue dialectically. The market is changing with each passing day, and the industry is no longer the same industry as before.   Although the current market demand is declining, but more of the original still comes from within the industry. First of all, after decades of development in the touch display industry, the barriers to entry of the industry have already begun to evolve and grow. Not only that, the current commercial competition methods used by screen companies have become more complex and mature, such as simple prices. War is no longer popular. Many screen companies are paying more and more attention to improving their comprehensive strengths in terms of technology, products, brands, and markets; secondly, from the perspective of the market, the end customer groups have become more independent and powerful. And rational. They are no longer as easily attracted by low prices and inferior marketing techniques as they used to be, and can be more mature in finding the products and technologies they really need in the market. The good and bad of the touch display industry. As the industry insiders said, in recent years, although it seems that business is getting more and more difficult for LED display manufacturers, it is actually the threshold of specialization in various categories and fields. It is getting higher and higher, whether it is the difficulty of technological innovation as hardware products such as LED displays and solutions, or the difficulty of innovation as soft and soft power such as services, brands, and corporate management capabilities, which are constantly pushing up.   Especially after the previous years of industrial transformation and upgrading, many non-standard productivity has been eliminated by the market, and the quality of the screen companies that are not hard enough are facing the market clearing. And even if some new companies entering the industry are no longer as blind and fanatical as in previous years, whether it is technological product advantages or new business models, they all realize that only with their own strong advantages can they compete in the fierce market competition. Stand firm.   But on the other hand, we can see that although China’s LED display industry has experienced more than 30 years of development, it has achieved a rapid rise from becoming bigger to stronger. However, it is still undeniable that there are still a lot of shortcomings within the industry. For example, in terms of market products, it is still unavoidable. Some LED display manufacturers still have the mentality of cutting corners and shoddy. For example, before The phenomenon of dead lights in a large area of u200bu200bthe industry. Not only that, but also aspects such as after-sales service and industrial chain optimization need to be perfected.   Different times of industrial development will have different problems, so we cannot one-sidedly say that business is difficult due to a bad market environment. The real crisis of the current LED display industry is not the cold winter of the market and sluggish demand, but the persistence of product technology and quality. In fact, the core problem is that iron strikes need to be hard on its own, not only in the product, but also in the marketing, after-sales service and other links must enhance competitiveness. On the other hand, for the industry, it also means that innovation and change are no longer easy and simple, and more importantly, to meet the pain points of customers. I believe this is the problem that all manufacturers need to think about and solve in the process of pushing up and upgrading the threshold of this round of industry competition.
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