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Is the brighter the led display, the better?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-05
Abstract: Because the uses self-luminous technology, as the light source, the LED lamp beads usually exhibit brightness attenuation after a period of use.   Is the brightness of the touch display getting better and better? The editor here can tell you very clearly that this is not the case. I think everyone in the industry should be aware that LED displays are mainly composed of diodes. Because of their energy saving and high brightness, LED products are popular in the display industry. When many manufacturers introduce to customers, most of them will say that the higher the brightness, the better the quality. Is this really true?  Because the adopts self-luminous technology, as the light source, the LED lamp beads usually exhibit brightness attenuation after a period of use. However, to achieve brightness, a larger drive current is required. However, under strong current, the stability of the LED lamp beads will be greatly reduced and decay quickly. In other words, brightness is sacrificed by sacrificing the image quality and lifespan of the LED screen. Not only that, as one of the many display products with higher brightness, the was once the overlord in outdoor display products. However, once it is night, the screen will become a burden, which is environmental pollution, so it is moderate The pursuit of brightness and environmental protection becomes more meaningful.   The last one is the cost factor. If you simply pursue higher brightness, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of the project, which means that the user who buys the display is likely to exceed the budget for this, and the required performance will be paid for in some parts. This causes waste. Therefore, when choosing the price of , there is no need to listen to the misunderstanding that the higher the brightness, the better the screen, the most important thing is to understand that blindly pursuing brightness is meaningless. The above is about whether the brightness of the is as bright as possible. Please also pay attention to those who need to pay attention to when purchasing the . I hope it can be helpful to everyone. 【Taxi 】
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