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Is it just the price that the industrial touch display is higher than the commercial touch display?

Is it just the price that the industrial touch display is higher than the commercial touch display?


When it comes to touch display, it is divided into industrial touch display and commercial touch display according to the industry. Many people say that industrial display is much more expensive than commercial display, why? Today, Top One Tech will take you to see if the industrial touch display is only higher in price than the commercial touch display?

The high price of the industrial touch display lies in its unique advantages and characteristics:

10.1 inch touch monitor

1. Reliability

The industrial touch display is mainly used in the industrial control process or equipment. The difference between it and the commercial touch display is that it generally adopts a special design of dustproof and shockproof. The industrial-grade LCD touch display adopts a wide temperature (-30 to 85 ) LCD screen in the case of high environmental requirements. The protection level of the industrial touch display is represented by IP+ numbers. The former is dust-proof rating(highest 6), the latter is waterproof rating(highest 8).

2. Contrast

Industrial touch displays are mainly used for direct viewing unlike commercial touch displays. For industrial touch displays, users may not be viewing at the optimal distance or under ideal lighting conditions, so a higher contrast display is the best choice. .

3. Brightness

Since most common consumer products are used in indoor environments, the brightness is about 250 to 300cd/m2 (nits). However, displays with this brightness level cannot meet the requirements for use in industrial environments. Because the ambient light will be stronger, its brightness can easily exceed the brightness of the LCD backlight. Also, touch screens are often used in industrial environments, which also reduces the brightness of the display, making it appear darker. In general medical and industrial applications, the required brightness should be at least 450 cd/m2.

4. Color

In some industrial applications, where specific color information is more important than text or numbers, it is important to use the measured color as a percentage of NTSC color saturation for comparison. In LCD products, color saturation is completely dependent on the influence of the backlight. CCF (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Screen) backlighting is a very popular technology and can achieve 70% and 80% of NTSC color saturation. Therefore, good image color is also a highlight of industrial touch display.

10.1 inch industrial pcap touch monitor

5. Service life

For consumers in the industrial market, whether it is used in industrial equipment or display terminals used in medical equipment, it is rare to find a touch display that is guaranteed to work for 10 years. Manufacturers can provide touch displays with a life cycle of 10 years or more. But most manufacturers that make industrial-grade touch displays will do it for at least 3 years.  In fact, the time to supply products can last at least 5 years.

In stark contrast, consumer-grade touch displays used in desktop touch displays, laptops, or other consumer devices change within a year, sometimes as often as every six months. These touch displays appeal to consumers primarily by price or appearance, like shooting stars: they disappear in a flash. But they also have their place in the market, where they are widely used in the consumer sector, where products don't have many requirements for continuous operation and form factor compatibility.

The industrial touch display has the advantages and characteristics that the above-mentioned commercial touch display cannot reach, so that it can work normally in a harsher industrial environment. As a leading brand in the field of industrial control display, Top One Tech has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial-grade touch displays, industrial-grade touch screens, and optical lamination products, providing integrated display and touch solutions, and providing technical supporting services for high-end optoelectronic performance. Top One Tech has always been adhering to the dedicated attitude and professional spirit, with innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, and has created a variety of high-quality industrial touch displays , which are widely used in handheld terminals, medical equipment, Internet of things equipment and other industries. 

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