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Introduction to the capacitive touch screen option

by:Toponetech     2020-06-11
Now the Internet rapid development, more and more developed science and technology, and the touch screen also follow the trend of The Times on the throne of glory. Today, in our life are full of all kinds of big and small screen, cell phone screen, the navigation in the mall, the bank to handle the business of the screen, and the factory in the operation of the machine and in shopping malls, large and small screen mobile entertainment facilities, etc. , our touch screen when it comes to life when it comes to Chinese New Year, I'm afraid also said not over, and touch screen as the total screen, all kinds of electronic equipment is hard to, how should we choose? The advantages of the capacitive touch screen: ( 1) Capacitive touch screen only need to touch, without pressure to generate the signals. ( 2) Capacitive touch screen after the production needs only one or no need correction, and resistive need regular calibration. ( 3) Capacitive touch screen some of the President of life, because the capacitance touch screen of components without any movement. Resistive touch screen, the upper ITO thin film need enough to elastic, bend down to below the contact to the ITO thin film. ( 4) Capacitance technology in optical loss and is superior to the resistance on the system power consumption. ( 5) Capacitive technology wear resistance, long service life, the user use the maintenance cost is low, so the manufacturer's overall operating costs can further decrease the capacitance touch screen has been used in a variety of devices, single point positioning trajectory/simulated mouse click is its basic function, and the recognition of multiple finger gestures and application is becoming a hot spot of the current market. In portable applications and users in one hand and a device, can only use one hand operation, thus to identify more fingers grasping, translation, stretching, compression, rotate and flip gesture is particularly important to shenzhen crown teck technology co. , LTD is a shenzhen focus on providing customers with better touch experience, touch screen is a research and development, design, production, sales in the integration of high-tech electronics companies. Not only that, shenzhen crown teck technology co. , LTD. It can customize according to the different needs of customers to full screen, and shenzhen crown teck technology produced the screen wide application, strong selectivity, joint screen to the customer, all of them, and give the user a better experience of touch.
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