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Introducing large capacitance touch screen industry

by:Toponetech     2020-06-28
With the large-scale use of capacitive touch screen mobile phone, people are feeling the capacitive touch screen with excellent touch experience. At the same time, adopt the capacitive touch screen man-machine interface also has a fashionable appearance, easy to clean, etc. With the progress of technology, some in the field of industrial use of capacitive touch screen problem has been gradually resolved. A. Large size problem due to antenna effect, the capacitive touch screen size, the greater the sensitivity and anti-interference ascend the more difficult, it is easy to touch, because of the capacitive touch screen itself wrong operation. In DGUS II industrial LCD products, adopt the way of integration of the touch panel as well as advanced technology, successfully overcome the problem. At present, DGUS II industrial-grade products maximum 18 can be realized. 5 inches of industrial-grade capacitive touch screen and stable work. Refers to the integration of panel, the capacitive touch screen and front of toughened glass panel made by a special process. In this way can solve the following problems: A. Solve the capacitance touch screen and air gap between the spacer sensitive problem, will greatly reduce the requirement of SMT, production is simple; B。 Adapt or hand gloves have smudgy applications such as environment; C。 Set to the highest sensitivity, touch screen will not happen because of the high sensitivity and false action. 2. A thick cover problem for touch screen or LCD screen is not affected by external forces and unclean environment, operation panel used in the industrial field often placed thick glass or plastic protective cover. Through DGUS II USES capacitive touch screen can be mounted to the highest before 9 mm thick of toughened glass panel and 6 mm thick acrylic panel. In the experiment, 18. 5 inches DGUS II capacitive touch screen is adopted by the toughened glass capacitive touch screen with 3 mm thickness. When using ordinary switching power supply, set the highest sensitivity, which can realize the following: A. Every 1 - 3 pieces of 1. 6 mm thickness of tempered glass stack operation, the normal function of touch screen. B。 Touch every 8 mm thick paper magazine, normal function of touch screen. 3. Gloves industrial environment problem often need to be wearing gloves machine operation. Although it's not a big problem for mechanical button, but this will have a huge impact on capacitive touch solutions. DGUS II capacitive touch screen can be also can work normally wear wool cloth with soft nap of the winter gloves, using industry commonly used rubber gloves, plastic gloves, cotton gloves can be normal operation touch screen. And gloves with a small amount of water or other dirt will not affect the normal operation of the capacitive touch screen. Four. Outdoor use problem considering that many industrial applications is in outdoor situations, there will be light, ultraviolet light interference. The past capacitive touch screen if in foreign families for long time use, can appear the phenomenon of aging, to the normal capacitive touch screen can no longer be used. On DGUS II capacitive touch screen, the CG anti-dazzle and UV protection function. CG anti-dazzle refers to under the glare, diffuse, touch screen for light source and decreases directly reflect through the touch screen to the light intensity in the human eye. UV protection that UV protection function, through the special coating, UV cannot through the capacitance touch screen glass, thereby significantly reduces the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the equipment. Five. Mechanical stability problem of industrial-grade DGUS II USES capacitive touch screen are G + G process. G + G refers to Glass + Glass, said the capacitive touch screen is also composed of double-layer tempered Glass, rather than a single toughened Glass + organic coating composition. So the industrial-grade DGUS II capacitive touch screen on the mechanical stability is also very reliable.
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