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Intelligent LED touch screen applications

by:Toponetech     2020-08-17
One screen interaction are a common pursuit of the direction of the LED industry in recent years, LED touch technology with small spacing. In the future, brand competition is intense, product innovation, technology innovation, niche market demand emerging constantly emerging, China business market future development is still very active, new products, new requirements, new markets will help future business show market development! Nearly billions in this market, LED the contact without in education and the extensive application of new retail, also in the electronic government affairs, tourism, facility management and medical areas such as the huge demand, plays an important role. Small spacing touch technology innovation products favored by the market is the first productivity of science and technology, the upgrading of science and technology, complete modernization not only greatly improve the productivity, but also lead humans up to new heights. LED display industry is no exception, in order to develop a wider range of application market, LED companies constantly into intelligent skills, to market the innovative technologies, products and solutions. Now, LED display industry has used display + touch, voice interaction, AR/VR + gestures/body feeling way to realize the human-computer interaction, but either way, display and touch has been play an important role in it. LED touch screen as the interaction between touch + + display important touch panel, got people attach great importance to, became the new favorite of major application fields. But at the same time, due to the LED touch screen is mostly used for close display areas, therefore is more demanding on product display requirements, in order to meet the needs of the show from close range, manufacturers have also stepped up efforts to research new technologies. 7 mm, can provide hd display completely. Therefore, the LED display manufacturers will LED touch screen combined with small spacing of the hot technology, not only can realize intelligent product applications, but also can bring the best product for the user experience. Screen interaction into trend popular business according to the market as the multimedia information query equipment increasing, more and more widely applied to LED touch screen, because the LED touch screen not only apply to China's state of the multimedia information query, and LED touch screen has a strong and durable, fast response, save a space, easy communication and many other advantages. Using this technique, the user as long as a finger lightly touch screen figure character or word can be done to the host operating, so that the screen interaction is more straightforward, this technology greatly facilitate the users who didn't understand the computer operation. Because of this, LED touch screen with very broad application in our country, especially in intelligence, digital and large data under the background of industry development, LED touch screen in the field of commercial display demand also gradually popular. As in commercial display in education field, in 2017 the Ministry of Education with particular emphasis on the wisdom, information communication under the condition of equipment and the demand of interconnection and interoperability, content sharing, make the interactive display interface touch to a more human nature characteristics, people's operating habits, touch convenient wait for a characteristic, although this LED touch technology bring some challenges, but more for less originally applied in the field of education LED touch screen to bring new opportunities. Commercial display in the market as the guidance, equipment is not only a display terminal, is increasingly becoming a carrier, with the computer technology, sensor technology, touch technology, human-computer interaction technology new technology such as integrated intelligent terminal, appeared increasingly broad prospects and great market opportunities. With the mature of the comprehensive technology, LED touch screen to the eye, touching, body, face, hand gestures recognition are gained great progress, so get from 5 g, artificial intelligence, Internet of things of use of the new retail market, and is expected to 2019 years, sales of large size touch screen will be approaching $12 billion. In addition, the Internet giant, using big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technology and the depth of the retail industry constantly fusion, will also for the application of display touch-screen terminal opened up a broad market space.
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