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Installation method of outdoor display of LED display manufacturer

by:Toponetech     2021-04-22
Friends who have been in touch with LED displays should know that there are many application fields for LED displays. Generally, LED display manufacturers will choose the appropriate installation method according to the different industry attributes and the change of display positions. Generally speaking, everyone When choosing the display of the LED display manufacturer, professionals will formulate the corresponding installation method according to the installation position of the display. Generally, the first-class LED display manufacturer will use the following methods when installing it for everyone: 1. Inlaid LED The installer of the display manufacturer pointed out that the inlaid outdoor installation method is mostly used in construction site projects. Before installation, a sufficient size of installation space will be reserved, and then during the construction, the steel structure of the display can be used in actual operation. Embedded in the wall, this installation method requires the two parties to communicate and negotiate before construction. 2. The seat-mounted seat-mounted structure is a wall that is now stacked to support the LED display. At the same time, the display is installed on the steel structure of the wall, and a certain amount of maintenance space should be reserved on it to place related equipment. As well as maintenance facilities, general professional touch display manufacturers will communicate with customers in advance about the size of the reserved space when installing it for everyone. 3. The column-type LED display manufacturers pointed out that generally, column-type installation is required on the open space, and the touch display is usually installed on the column. There are two types of columns, one is a single column, and the other is a double column. This requires not only the production of steel columns and concrete, but also a display steel structure with sufficient support. The specific column needs to consider the geological foundation. Then it depends on the display effect. The above is the installation method of outdoor LED display shared by LED display manufacturers. Generally, the display installed outdoors will be exposed to wind, sun, rain, snow and wind, so it is the first choice to consider its safety when installing. Stability, can not hit the passing pedestrians, but also consider factors such as the supporting capacity of the bracket used.
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