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Infrared touch screen machine characteristics

by:Toponetech     2020-05-29
Characteristics of infrared touch screen machine 1, equipped with more than one million high-performance capacitance, infrared touch screen, click on the life does not need to use the mouse and keyboard, just click or with finger gently across the screen realize all computer operation, making computers easier to use. Jie touch touch computer application is that it is one of the biggest innovation multi-touch technology, completely changed the way people and computer interaction. 2, special touch base can be adjusted. 3, multi-touch, maximum support 36 points touch, fingers and use, to support many people at the same time operating machinery, to other businesses. 4, professional design 30 ° - 90 °, elevation, adjustable, special touch model base, let users follow one's inclinations adjust the best Angle. 5, capacitive, infrared type, optical type, sound type touch screen, accurate positioning. 6, touch no drift, automatic correction, precision operation can be performed. 7, fingers are available, and soft to touch. 8, high-density touch point distribution: more than 10000 touch points per square inch. 9, high resolution, not glass. To the environment request is not high, high sensitivity. Suitable for all kinds of conditions.
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