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Infrared screen manufacturer tells you which environments infrared screens are mainly used for

Infrared screen manufacturer tells you which environments infrared screens are mainly used for


The infrared screen  produced by Top One Tech are used in various fields, but the application rate in specific fields is higher. For example, the conditions of some environmental places are relatively harsh, and the humidity or other external factors may greatly reduce the service life of the ordinary touch screen. The screen may require a special maintenance. Then Top One Tech, a reputable infrared screen manufacturer, will tell you which environments are infrared screen mainly used for?

Infrared touch screen

1. Industries with high price requirements (environment)

The cost of infrared touch screen is relatively low. When the industry needs to choose a large-size touch screen, there is a large number of needs, and you want to save costs, then the infrared touch screen fully meets your requirements.

2. Scenarios with harsh environments

The professional infrared screen manufacturers uses  advanced touch technology on the market, and it is also the mainstream of the market. Because the larger the size of the touch all-in-one machine, the higher the price, and the cost of the infrared touch screen is relatively low and it is not easy to fail, so if the application environment is relatively harsh, it is recommended to communicate with the infrared screen manufacturer to choose this type of screen .


3. Strong UV environment

If the continuous stability of the scene is required to be high, it is recommended to choose the product of the infrared screen manufacturer, and at the same time, its service life and adaptability must be considered. In some areas, it is even necessary to use it outdoors, or it is also recommended to choose an infrared screen when the ultraviolet rays are relatively strong.

12.1 inch IR touch frame (4:3)

As for the applicability of the products of infrared screen manufacturers, is the price also rising? Since the production of this kind of infrared screen is technology-oriented, the price at the time of listing is not low, but the company will not frequently increase the price because of the advantages in manufacturing, so this kind of infrared screen products are common in the market and will not appear huge price fluctuations, the overall price stability rate is relatively high.

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