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Industry: touch screen in the course of growing up

by:Toponetech     2020-07-24
Smartphones before the birth of the function of the machine age, much debate about whether a mobile phone screen size is a luxury thing right. In communications and entertainment function of basic dominated era, people are willing to sacrifice or failed to realize that a screen can bring audio-visual and interactive experience. This situation continued until the iPhone, but even jobs had paranoid think cell phone screen size should depend on the user experience, and spent more than three straight. 5 inch mobile phone as a 'rude'. Before the time of touch screen: the small screen size design is helpless. 'User does not know what they want', this sentence although some subjective, but imagine if you put yourself in, in the basic of communication and entertainment features just to satisfy the function of the machine and low-end smartphone era, no one may screen size of a cell phone or expect something more powerful function, the average consumer is difficult to realize a simple communication equipment also bring to life what surprises. With jobs of bigotry at the same time, mobile phone brands such as samsung and HTC is on the way of big size touch screen, trend, the end of captured the consumers. In 2014, when apple iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus directly by 3. 5 to 4 inches and 4 inches jump. 7 inches and 5. 5 inches, samsung and HTC made relentless mocked the move for apple. On Twitter, samsung electronics, send a tweet, tweet wrote: 'change can bring great improvement and innovation, apple also think like this now. 'The nods eyeball pen of the push wen, is the samsung to attach a picture, in the picture is a' quotation 'jobs in those days - — 'No one is going to buy a domestic mobile phone'. While HTC said in this tweet 'welcome ( Apple) Join the big touch screen mobile phone party. 'So, belong to the age of domestic mobile phone party fully.
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