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Industry tablet applications have?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-08
Industry tablet applications have? At present is mainly used in industrial automation, industrial vision and industrial printing and other fields. 1, is the core of the industrial automation technology in industrial automation industry tablet computer system, it need to supply industrial tablet businesses develop some early for the software system of the enterprise, the operator use these software set of computer control production equipment. Current industrial tablet has more powerful function system, gradually replaced the manipulation, become the main industrial automation. 2, industrial visual aspects people also more and more strict to the requirement of every link in production, the production equipment of testing or for product quality control, the human eye is more and more difficult to achieve the high precision requirement, so the industrial computer application among them, the connection of high precision electronic cameras, a lot of problems can be solved. At present, many industries are trying to cost-effective industrial tablet applied in industrial field of vision, greatly saves manpower and improve the work efficiency. 3, industrial printing equipment current printing technology has completely get rid of the era of planar printing, into the multi-dimensional printing, printing continuous extension of field and scope, whether small decorations or large building materials can be completed. Industrial tablets will be used in the printing industry, fully automated setup process, controls the printing step process, can guarantee the quality and accuracy of print. Industrial tablets provide customized services what advantage is there? 1, customized industrial tablets at the beginning of the production, there is demand to production, can not only guarantee the product won't have inventory, can save logistics costs. 2, customized service, not only can greatly improve the differentiation of the industrial tablets, and still can better meet the personalized needs of customers, to increase the added value of customer experience at the same time for industrial tablet with multiple increase. 3, customized industrial tablets, design and production are based on customer demand as the starting point, can significantly improve customer satisfaction. But also be able to discuss custom industrial computer parameters, through the communication with customer, understand customer's industry development trend, to provide competitive products to our customers.
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