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by:Toponetech     2020-08-28
New product display the release of all like to set a new concept, published a series of products, in particular, often have the name of the series. This kind of practice is not only confined to the field of display, such as the past nokia N series, the laptop is ares series and so on. Different concept noun often shows the main characteristics of this product, than the ares is refers to the product is mainly used in the game, the performance of the products are strong enough, the combination of this concept and product, if the breakthrough point, still can have very good effect, for product promotion, there is a positive significance. So in the field of display, past and present, have what kind of marketing concept? Today let's talk about this topic. Starting from color display appearance is a clear sign, in today's performance is more and more homogeneity, manufacturers in the promotion of the display, or like in appearance, especially like to product positioning, on colour such as samsung had red rhyme, yue white and now the main color display, starting from the color of the products, to product positioning. Domestic manufacturers, such as the new series of HKC, also played the 'fruit color youth', the concept of using display unusual color, in order to gain the favour of after 90, there are many manufacturers follow the fashion, the launch of the local tyrants gold display, the color features, as manufacturers common starting point. Starting from the function of color, after all, is what appearance, also like to make an issue of on the function of a lot of manufacturers, such as benq launched a series of eye display, these products are not the splash screen or blue filter function, in order to avoid long time watch displays, eyes ache, the eye series contains a lot of niche products, there are also introduction to fashion, there are also professional screen, is a more comprehensive concept, is also a good promotion methods. Moreover before benq angel 178 series, and the practice, this series of products have a wide perspective MVA panel, about Angle is 178 °, the angel the names of the 178. The philips displays the the sound of the latest series, is starting from the features of the model. The 'tone' is the source of this series of products have bluetooth speakers, it is set on the base, so save the traditional speaker configuration, so have a look at the concept of the display name of this series, know that their unique features.
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