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Industry is the difference between tablets and commercial tablets?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-03
Industry is the difference between tablets and commercial tablets? Industrial tablets and commercial tablets is the big difference is used in the industry, which is industrial and commercial, industrial tablets because of the requirement of the application environment, its protection requirement is much better than the commercial tablet, so the weight and volume is heavier than conventional commercial tablets more, and commercial tablets is in daily life we use tablet, but also as a tablet, the gap between them is bigger. In industry, for example, industrial tablet malfunctioned, so using commercial tablets can be a replacement for the short-term, it seems, from the performance are compared, the gap is smaller. Industrial tablets and commercial tablets, important is the electromagnetic interference shielding, ordinary commercial tablet is almost no consideration of CLP CiFangHu, while industrial tablet is a basic ability of resistance to electromagnetic interference, make it more in the electronic products and disruptive stronger environment normal work. On the function, ordinary commercial tablet is belong to civil products, and industrial tablets are industrial products, the specific difference is that for the working environment and make the structural changes. Ordinary tablet is belongs to an open form, basically, sprinkle some water will be out of order type. And industrial tablet is belong to a kind of protective products, weight compared with commercial tablet is almost more than two times, can say this kind of tablet computer industry, not only has the ability of life waterproof, and also has the effect of dustproof shockproof, can say in the industrial environment, can guarantee its reliability. Industrial tablets and commercial tablets, then, the difference between what else? 1, the reliability of products because of the different market positioning, the authentication mode and test mode is different. Industrial-grade relatively strict. 2, because the commercial computer motherboard life cycle of the internal update speed, so the general commercial grade motherboard only six months to a year of life cycle. And industrial tablet PC motherboard can reach 5 years of a life cycle. 3, manageability in industry, often need to industrial tablet unmanned automatic switch machine, while commercial tablets will only have simple remote principle functions, completely on this point cannot be compared with the industrial tablets. 4, basic components of commercial level industrial tablets using components, is to pursue the timeliness of forever, and only after this product to achieve market standards, although so inside the device is new, but it is always a so-so performance, service life is short, but industrial tablets, on the other hand, industrial tablet computer is used in special environment, so whether the shell structure in the internal components, must use high life, and it also can ensure normal use in harsh environment, so from components here, industrial tablets is different from commercial tablets.
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