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Industry displays how to maintain

by:Toponetech     2020-11-02
Commonly used industrial display how to maintenance can we get a longer service life? Crown touch screen we have collected the following method, for everybody reference. Industrial maintenance display touch screen as follows 1. Avoid internal screen burn out. CRT monitors can burn out because of long-term work, for the LCD, so it is important to note that if when not in use, be sure to close the display, or reduce the display brightness, or after a long time, will lead to internal burn out or aging. This kind of damage in the event is permanent and cannot be redeemed. In addition, if long time continuous display of a fixed content, it may lead to some LCD pixels overheating, causing the internal burn out. 2. Keep the humidity in the general humidity 30% ~ 80% display can work normally, but once the indoor humidity higher than 80%, displays the internal can produce condensation phenomenon. Its internal power transformers and other coil are also prone to produce leakage after be affected with damp be affected with damp, may even cause wire short circuit; And high pressure parts of the display is easy to produce discharge phenomenon; Machine components are easy to rust, corrosion, serious will result in short circuit of circuit board. Therefore, LCD display must pay attention to moistureproof, long time no display, can electricity work regularly for a period of time, let the heat generated by the monitor work will chase away the moisture in the machine. What's more, don't let anything in the nature of moisture into the LCD. Find a mist, with a soft cloth to wipe gently, and then you can open the power supply. If wet has entered into the LCD, LCD must be placed in a warm place, so that the moisture and organic compound evaporate. LCD with humidity, electric, can lead to LCD electrode corrosion, causing permanent damage. 3 to avoid impact the LCD screen is very fragile, so to avoid strong shock and vibration, LCD contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, fell to the floor or other similar strong blow will cause the damage of the LCD screen, and other units. Be careful not to put pressure on LCD display surface. 4, do not secretly began to have a rule is: never remove the LCD. Even after shut down for a long time, background lighting component of CFL inverter still may have about 1000 v high voltage, the high pressure can lead to severe personal injury. So never attempt to remove or change the LCD display, in order to avoid a high pressure. Without permission of the maintenance and change leads to display temporarily or permanently unable to work. 5, properly clean screen surface if it is found that display surface stains, with a little water available to touch the soft cloth to wipe gently, don't sprinkle the water directly to the screen on the surface, water entering the LCD will lead to screen short circuit. Ensure LCD closed; Do not place any liquid spray directly on the screen or case.
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