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Industry analysis: Six questions and answers on touch monitor devices based on user needs in 2021!

Industry analysis: Six questions and answers on touch monitor devices based on user needs in 2021!


Due to the continued impact of the epidemic, 2021 will be a difficult year for many companies, and manufacturing companies are no exception. In the post-epidemic era, China's manufacturing will move towards upgrading China's intelligent manufacturing, transforming to high-end, pushing independent brand may become the only way to go.

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In such a manufacturing environment, touch display devices also usher in huge development opportunities. As the touch display center in many industrial scenes, touch display devices are used in almost all industrial scenes. So, for industrial applications, what points do users care about touch display devices? Let's take a look!


Question 1: Under the development trend of smart manufacturing, what are the changes in the demand for touch display devices? Which categories do users have more demand for?


Answer: Driven by intelligent manufacturing, the application market for touch monitor devices will not only become more extensive, but more and more manufacturing companies will have more and more demand for intelligent control transformation.


Common industrial application touch display equipment categories mainly include industrial (Android) all-in-one computers (also known as industrial tablet computers), industrial all-in-one computers, industrial displays, industrial computers, etc. According to TOP ONE TECHs more than ten years of experience in the touch manufacturing industry, the windows industrial touch all-in-one computer occupies the largest market share. Android industrial touch all-in-one computers and industrial control computers account for the same proportion, and the demand for touch displays in the industrial field has also increased. 


Question 2: In response to the trend of system development and users' changes in overall solutions, how should touch monitor device manufacturers change?


Answer: In recent years, with application upgrades and industrial reforms, the increase in demand for a single product has slowed down, and the demand for overall solutions has gradually increased. Based on the characteristics of industrial intelligent control, such as TOP ONE TECH, according to its own development characteristics and actual conditions, it has built more and more complete touch solution systems to meet the needs of touch solutions on more user devices.


At present, TOP ONE TECH has been gradually optimizing the manufacturing lines, technical workshops, intelligent storage, etc. of touch monitors, touch screens, and touch all-in-one computers. The high-efficiency production and shipment speeds and super-high quality have been recognized and trusted by many users. .


Question 3: What are the challenges for the performance of touch display applications in the complex and changeable environment of industrial applications? Which properties are users more concerned about?


Answer: In the field of industrial applications, the use scenarios of touch monitor devices are complex and changeable, and even include some harsh scenarios such as water, dust, and oil stains. This requires product quality and performance to meet industrial-grade use standards.


According to the application experience of TOP ONE TECH, industrial users are all concerned about the requirements in terms of dust and water resistance, installation methods, touch methods, performance configuration, operating systems, software compatibility, and external devices. Different application scenarios have different user requirements, and specific performance requirements can only be determined according to the actual application situation of the user.


Question 4: In the highly competitive industrial field, how can touch display manufacturers maintain their competitiveness?


Answer: Every industry has competition and is not small. Only when companies develop their own characteristics can they gain a long-term foothold in the market. TOP ONE TECH has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, and now has a wealth of independent research and development capabilities, not only the quality of internal components is more controllable, while saving costs, the products are more cost-effective than their counterparts.


Question 5: In addition to product performance points, in a large application scenario such as an industrial environment, with different needs in different scenarios, how can touch monitor device manufacturers meet user needs?


Answer: Unlike commercial all-in-ones, industrial all-in-ones not only have better performance configuration, but can also provide OEM/ODM customized services to meet the different needs of users. At present, TOP ONE TECH can provide a variety of customized services: customization according to customer functional requirements (appearance, size, screen, interface, use environment, installation method, boot interface, etc.) + ensure system stability + ensure time to market).


Question 6: Based on the application advantages in the industrial field, in which expansion areas will touch display devices have more obvious application advantages?


Answer: After the test of many industrial application scenarios, TOP ONE TECH's products and solutions have been recognized and trusted by the majority of users, and continue to expand more application areas. Among them, it has obvious advantages in the application field of casino equipment, among which the applications on casino turntables, slot machines, and gaming equipment are the most prominent.


In addition, the demand for touch monitor devices in ATMs, medical equipment, automatic retail and advertising kiosks, smart lockers, and commercial self-service terminals is rising.

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