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Industrial touch screen display applications and features

by:Toponetech     2020-08-27
Industry tablets display applications and features about tablet everyone not unfamiliar, it can be seen everywhere in our life, industrial tablet and the tablet in our normal life use hardware is roughly same, are the characteristics of different industrial tablets more widely application field, pay more attention to stability in different environment, dustproof, waterproof, moisture, temperature and time, industrial flat panel computer can be in the factory, warehouse, stable normal operation conditions of environment, provide convenience for us to improve the work efficiency. Industry field use workers can put the machine into the cabinet or placed on the operating table, do the man-machine operation interface display, more convenient operation, bring benefits for staff, rate of work done. Industrial tablets, its existence itself is the unique feature is its low to the requirement of environment, can adapt to in most industrial field, high stability. As commercial machine performance gradually improved, many manufacturers began to choose low-cost commercial machine, its market is a huge change, geng people tend to be more capricious words touch tablet. Therefore, the mainstream of the future will be touch tablet industry. The following is a touch industrial tablet common feature is introduced. 1, all-in-one structure, the host, display, touch a day, stable performance. 2, human nature is strong, touch, improve work efficiency, simple and quick. 3, industrial touch-screen tablet computer is small in size, in the process of installation and maintenance is simple. 4, adopt fanless design, bedding face accumulates finned aluminum radiator, low consumption, low noise. 5, application examples, beautiful appearance, wide application. Industrial monitor scope: 1, industrial field control display; 2, embedded in all kinds of equipment as the display device; 3, telecom, network machine room of the host display; 4, train, subway station, port monitor display; 5, vehicle ( Trains, subways, cars) Display; 6, and reinforce the level or the standard level monitor application in the field of yan bad environment, military vehicles, ships; 7, advertising machine, in residential elevators, commercial office buildings, public places such as the broadcast commercials advertising machine.
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