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Industrial touch screen computer in industrial automation applications of plastic industry

by:Toponetech     2020-03-21
Industrial automation developing, many changes have taken place in the industry, introduced the intelligent products for many industrial enterprises bring convenient, industrial touch screen computer application is very extensive. In plastic manufacturing and metal die casting industry, due to various reasons in spite of injection molding machine such as low voltage protection measures were taken, but still can't avoid mould was damaged, working hours and economic losses, also can't do it one by one, product quality testing, manual monitoring inefficient and error-prone. Mould monitoring system we can solve the above problem very well, Such as domestic photon cloud mold monitor) , by installing cameras in injection molding machine used advanced real-time monitoring mould machine vision technology to replace human eyes and to detect the quality of products. Mold molding, the detection of any residual foreign matter or slider, if discovery is unusual will automatically stop the clamping and report to the police. After molding, testing products is expected to molding, such as found that do not conform to the product will be feedback signal to the corresponding injection molding machine and alarm. Artificial difficult to effectively solve the problems and the mold cavity was observed abnormalities, tirelessly 24 hours can completely replace the human eye protection mould is not damaged, improve the level of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, automated production reduce human resource cost promote the competitiveness of the enterprise. System requirements: in order to achieve the purpose of monitoring protection mould need to install industrial camera in real time acquisition in injection molding machine injection molding machine operation in the process of image transmission to the visual software analysis processing and quick feedback to injection molding machine signal controller. Is 7 * 24 due to the injection molding machine factory usually fully automatic continuous uninterrupted production, injection molding machine is quick, must ensure that the image can be steady and fast analysis and the results quickly returned to the injection molding machine controller signal, if you have found abnormal must instantly react immediately before injection molding machine clamping, cutting clamping signal ensure the safety of the mould. Many factory production workshop dust big at the same time, the voltage is not stable, electromagnetic interference, high local temperature, too many and complicated line some plant also will be wet and so on questions, the environment is bad. Industrial tablets in such conditions require continuous work stably for a long time for industrial computer components, circuit design, protection design and so on various aspects are put forward high request, it is easy to use for a period of time is a problem. With the continuous improvement of computer technology and VLSI ( Very large scale integrated circuit) , the development of image processing and image recognition technology matures, both in theory and practical application has obtained great achievement, automatic identification technology is widely applied in many fields gradually. Is the basis of the visual image, the visual is an important means of perception, the human as the automatic identification of the image pattern recognition technology after more than half a century of rapid development, now has been widely used in aerospace, military, remote sensing technology, biological medicine, medical health, industrial and other fields.
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