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Industrial touch monitors meet the needs of different users' scenarios, and are indispensable for smart express cabinets!

Industrial touch monitors meet the needs of different users' scenarios, and are indispensable for smart express cabinets!


With the development and progress of science and technology, the application of many emerging technologies has gradually become wider. Among them, the display, as the touch center, is an indispensable part of the digital age, and its scene requirements are not only limited to the industrial field, but also gradually extended to people's daily life.

15.6 inch touch monitor use on express cabinet

As a professional industrial touch display equipment manufacturer, Top One Tech has a complete industrial touch display product line, and the products have been widely used in industry, logistics, commerce and other fields, and the product quality is deeply trusted by users. The reason why Top One Tech touch display accumulates its own advantageous user group is because it knows how to meet the needs of users in different scenarios!

1. Mechanical equipment

In machine tools, stone cutting machines, control cabinets, car washing machines and other usage scenarios, the user's requirements for the display are: waterproof and dustproof, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference.


Top One Tech industrial touch display pure panel reaches industrial grade IP65 dustproof and waterproof, EMC/EMI anti-interference, GB2423 anti-vibration standard, can adapt to the use environment such as water, dust, and interference, and the body has corrosion-resistant, protective effect, support resistive touch, more convenient operation.

2. Intelligent express cabinet

With the development of the online shopping era, smart pickup has become the current trend. In communities, industrial parks, office buildings and other scenarios, the demand for monitors is gradually increasing. In these application scenarios, users' requirements for displays are high brightness, dust and water resistance, and stable performance.

The Top One Tech industrial display monitor adopts 1000cd/, with built-in photosensitive head, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness while displaying high brightness; at the same time, IP65 industrial grade dustproof and waterproof to meet the needs of outdoor use scenarios. The three signal input ports of VGA+DVI+HDMI enable it to smoothly transmit and display the control signal of the smart express cabinet, making the use smoother and the user experience better.

3. ATM

In addition, touch monitors are also indispensable for ATM machines in communities and commercial centers. In this usage scenario, the user's scenario requires smooth touch and stable privacy protection.

The Top One Tech industrial touch display is embedded in the ATM self-service terminal, and the screen has a ten-point capacitive touch, and the operation is accurate and free of drift; in terms of the privacy protection function, the touch intelligent industrial display adopts a customized viewing angle setting, accept the operator, other people cannot see the content on the display screen, and the operator's property safety is strictly observed; at the same time, the Top One Tech industrial touch display can adapt to the working environment of -20°C-70°C, ensuring stable operation in a variable environment.

The above are the practical applications of Top One Tech industrial touch monitors. In fact, the use scenarios of industrial touch monitors are not only these use scenarios, such as commercial self-service terminals, smart teaching equipment, etc. have market demand for industrial touch monitors, and their use scenarios are also in the continuous expansion, it is foreseeable that the market potential of industrial touch displays in the future is considerable.

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