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Industrial touch all-in-one many enterprises become the new darling

by:Toponetech     2020-03-19
Industrial touch all-in-one how to become the new favorite of many enterprises, as mobile phone, commercial television, and in recent years, the hot advertising machine equipment such as increasing demand for touch panel as well as the formation of the flat end market, touch panel market at the rate of abnormal surprising speed growth. And industrial tablets, industrial touch all-in-one industrial touch also quickly become each big enterprise to be bestowed favor on newly. The world's major touch screen manufacturers are mostly concentrated in Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries and our country Taiwan area, they dominated the upstream industry, most part of the profits. And touch screen, touch panel industry is based on the domestic start street section, especially the multitouch technology, despite rising domestic touch industry future space is very big, but in recent years, the United States, South Korea's future touch product pouring into, constant erosion wealth to force our country people have realized that our country to build their own touch industrial chain is imperative, domestic wave of a wave of touch! Touch screen for a long time, the market in the colorful scene of the situation, different techniques of touch-screen adapted to the different application environment, the infrared touch technology is just one of them, have their own advantages and disadvantages. The personage inside course of study of the advantages of infrared touch technology for love, for its disadvantages ( Poor material source pervious to light effect display picture clarity, use for a long time after the coordinates drift, using precision) Also very clear, and has made unremitting efforts to improve. So far infrared touch technology into the fifth generation, some characteristics of the performance out of it, is likely to emerge from a variety of touch technology, become a touch screen market. In touch when the expansion of the market and the domestic touch under the wave of development while making industry, we are willing to spend money independently developed a new generation of touch all-in-one PC, the company adopts the fifth generation touch touch machine technology, touch sensitive, image clarity, strong penetrability. Combined with various characteristics, reach seats ear touch machines, integrated in the LCD touch all-in-one machine market intelligence is committed to become a new favorite in advertising for seats ears embedded industrial computer, industrial tablets, industrial display sales and research and development, to provide high-end control system overall solution, and OEM/ODM service customization. Our products are widely used in medical, industrial, games, ATM, etc.
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