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Industrial touch all-in-one electric fire monitoring system

by:Toponetech     2020-06-17
Fire is a threat to public safety, harm people life and property of one of the disasters. Electric fire monitoring system applied in real life can reduce fire accident occurs, the system USES the smart technology platform hardware monitoring platform software collocation, in terms of hardware intelligence platform, provides the core products, industrial touch machine makes the system more reliable. In the social life, is a threat to public safety, fire disasters harm people life and property. Today, the fire is that people all over the world face a common woes. After the fire, often can cause great direct and indirect property loss, a large number of casualties and the destruction of ecological balance, bad social and political influence. Therefore, set fire protection planning in the new period, strengthen urban fire infrastructure is the most important of the fire protection industry development in the new century. Now life, production and living DianQiHua, city of three-dimensional, the diversification of fuel, highly concentrated population and material, spiritual and cultural life of the diversification, the rapid development of the enterprises and so on. Not only bring fire factors increasing, and after the fire fighting harder, easy to cause serious economic losses and casualties. Such as the recent fires, often appear if early prevention, might reduce the happening of the accident. Electric fire monitoring system using the hardware intelligent technology platform with monitoring platform software. Used for monitoring the low-voltage distribution system might have an electrical fire hazard factors in the work of the electrical parameters, and through bus transmission scheme for real-time detection data uploaded to the monitoring host equipment centralized control and centralized management, when be protected by detecting the parameters on the electrical wiring exceeds alarm set value, can send out alarm signals and control signals, and can indicate alarm parts of the system. Can receive data from the electrical fire monitoring detector information, a sound and light alarm signals and control signals, indicating alarm, record, save and send alarm information. Can be used for all kinds of public fire monitoring, in order to make important guarantee for the property of the people's production safety. Receive data from the electrical fire monitoring detector information, a sound and light alarm signals and control signals, indicating alarm, record, save and send alarm information. Industrial touch all-in-one as intelligent special equipment providers, industry users in the fire surveillance industry to provide more stable hardware intelligence platform, in the electric fire monitoring system provides more security, more stable product, the public property and safety of life for the people to make important contributions. Huamei XunTong technology of 10. 4 inch capacitive touch touch all-in-one mainly undertake the operation of the electric fire monitoring system in monitoring the probe data, sound and light alarm signals and control signals, indicating alarm, record, save and send alarm information, etc.
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