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Industrial tablets used on medical self-service query terminal equipment

by:Toponetech     2020-08-29
In this information age, health care, banking sector also enabled on all kinds of convenient service, can solve the problem of long queue time. Medical self-help gets to the emergence of a small machine to change the Chinese past bad habits, now of the hospital, to handle the business personnel and orderly sat in the lounge waiting for the call. People who want to gasser looked at his appointment is helpless. Therefore, has changed the previous unhealthy practices. Self-help industrial tablets as a query can be said to be worthy of the most important contributions of reform and opening-up. Economic development over the years is one of the biggest harvest, some will say the development of science and technology, the end result is the development just change a person's life. With industrial tablet self-help gets, uncivilized phenomenon is less and less, people line up is becoming more and more specifications, and society more civilized. Customers to the window to handle: rest area customers according to the information display and voice prompt to the specified window. Medical tablets used for medical self-service query terminal industry, can achieve capture to expend, induction magnetic stripe card, printing, etc. Good waterproof dust explosion-proof function, support continuous running 24 hours a day. Sensitive touch, provide customers with convenient operation experience, can greatly improve the efficiency of hospital management, bid farewell to work time is long, long lines of the scene. Just share with you today to this, want to learn more,
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