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Industrial tablets in wind power applications

by:Toponetech     2020-03-31
Development of renewable energy in order to reduce the traditional way of fire, such as coal or nuclear energy power generation, is the goal of governments product efforts in recent years. Among them, the wind power is seen as a mature technology, renewable energy power generation cost close to traditional power generation, also contributed to the rapid development of wind power industry. Due to wind farms in remote parts of most based in sparsely populated, so each wind turbines in addition to the basic tower, blade, generator of the three main components, will need to be equipped with remote terminal control system, on the one hand, can be used as a field of wind turbine control interface ( HMI) , on the other hand also collected data can be sent to, central control room to let wind farm managers can remote monitor and control all the equipment. As the input of numerous manufacturers, competition in the market for wind turbine manufacturer in the design of new products, as well as with its superior technology to improve product performance, more careful control product costs properly, to win market share with competitive advantage. Research China for many years with embedded computer, Ethernet switches, all kinds of I/O modules and other products have been provided for the renewable energy market a variety of solutions, industrial plate series of seats ear module is cheap and fine products, can assist with limited budgets wind power equipment manufacturers to cost-effective and fully functional solution to develop new products. Embedded industrial tablets provide solutions for wind power system requirements: first, in order to be seamless vertically integrated hardware and software products, in order to make the new design also can have the future expansion of wind power generator, the company decided to replace the original enclosed specifications, compatibility is poor, cannot expand I/O functions, substitution of open architecture of embedded computer to ensure that different brand of underlying components and upper monitor system can have good interoperability between; Also add new I/O module to capture the temperature signal and control switch, to provide more perfect monitoring function. Second, since this project is to transform the existing wind turbines to improve rather than full tide in new, old equipment within 10 already adopted. 4 'embedded industrial tablets, and third party software developers provide system will continue to continue will not change. So the new solution in addition to providing network products to string a variety of hardware devices, still need to support the standard communication protocol for system integration business software can easily read the front-end data. In terms of hardware specifications, the new solution will be installed in the limited space in the mechanical and electrical control cabinet, and the wind turbine operation field mostly belongs to the climate is relatively harsh environment, so the related hardware must be compact structure, easy to install, and can withstand the harsh environment test of the product. Moreover, the company's wind turbines not only lock in China domestic market, also export to other countries, is in line with international safety standard is one of the essential condition.
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