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Industrial tablets have what advantage

by:Toponetech     2020-08-06
Industrial tablets in short, is the industry often say all-in-one machine, the machine function is perfect, has the function of common commercial PC market. Tablet difference lies in the internal hardware, mostly for industrial product selection is industrial motherboard, its difference with commercial motherboard not mass production, product model comparative stable. Thus can see, industrial motherboard offer more commercial board also is high, the other is RISC architecture. Need to compare the simple single in industry, function demand is not high also, but the function is very stable. Strength is low power consumption, small heat, no fan cooling. Before one is dustproof level, after one is waterproof. A maximum of 6 dust level. Waterproof up to 8. Thus, industrial tablet demand is much higher for commercial use. Industrial another feature of the tablet is mostly all cooperation with the configuration software is used, complete industrial control. Mainly USES in respect of monitoring of industrial automatic control. With the function of commercial machine more and more good, many industrial field is now beginning to choose cost cheaper commercial machine, and the commercial machine market is a huge change, everyone start more inclined to compare the humanistic touch tablet. Industrial site, the tablet PC with touch function will be the future trend of industrial touch tablet is a kind of industrial control, and its advantage in comparison to the general industrial control has the following points. 1, industrial touch tablet aluminium magnesium alloy die-casting molding is chosen mostly on the front panel, the front panel to NEMA IP65 protection class. Consolidate the robust, abiding by the use, and light weight contrast. 2, most industrial touch tablet choose fanless design, use of large area of finned aluminum radiator, less power consumption, noise is small. 3, the layout of the industrial touch tablet is all-in-one, host, LCD monitor, touch screen, stability good contrast. , industrial tablets to choose 4 compare the prevalence of current contact function, can simplify operation, more convenient and quick, compared to human. 5, small size industrial touch-screen tablet computer, device maintenance is very concise. 6, appearance beautiful, use widely. In fact, industrial computer and commercial computer has been bring out the best in each other. They each have use category, but influence each other, promote each other, show the advance of science and technology.
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